How Mobile Apps Could Make Your Affiliate Marketing Revenue Soar

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The affiliate marketing industry is huge in the UK right now, and shows no sign of slowing up any time soon. Advertisers are spending an incredible £4.5 million every single day on affiliate sales and leads, tapping into the trust users put into bloggers, product comparison sites and micro-niche blogs that cover virtually every subject under the sun!

If you are currently an affiliate marketer looking for the next revenue source or are perhaps considering venturing into this world, there’s a few options available to you, one of which comes in the form of mobile apps.

If you’re looking for an incredible experience to offer the end user that increases the chances of that all important click-through and subsequent sale, the mobile app could be just what you’re after.

Setting you apart

With the increase in affiliate marketing comes the need to set yourself apart from the crowd, ensuring your site becomes the go-to for users looking to find great information and easy access to a wide variety of products.

A mobile app enables you to offer an app-like experience from within the user’s browser. Channeling into all that we love about apps and their improved functionality, but avoiding the need to discover and download your app from a congested app store; meaning you’ll be one step ahead of the competition.

Once on your mobile app, the user can enjoy features such as swipe technology alongside easily digestible content and those all important links that direct users through to your advertiser’s websites.

With this incredible app-like experience from within the browser, you’ll be offering above and beyond anything else out there and in turn increase the number of sales generated through the products that are being pushed.

Building communities

Trust is important in any marketing activity, however it is even more paramount in the case of affiliate marketing as, if the user doesn’t trust you and see you as the expert they need to turn to in order to find out about a particular product, the chances of long-term success are slim.

It can be easy as an affiliate marketer to concentrate on the number of hits you’re getting, especially in the early days as you attempt to get as many people onto your site as possible, however with experience comes the realization it requires much more than that.

You need to understand your target market, what they like and what they don’t like, and in turn you’ll start to build the long term relationships that both you and your visitors can benefit from.

By providing an experience which is second to none via your mobile app as well as continuing to provide high quality, accurate and reliable content, you’ll be building a community that trusts and relies on the information you supply.

As a result, when you promote a particular product to gain the all important affiliate revenue, they are far more likely to click through and purchase; providing you with that vital commission on the sale.

Apps vs websites

Now you might be considering a new website for your next affiliate venture, and that would be understandable as it is a tried and trusted method. However, mobile apps offer that little bit more than even a fully responsive website can.

We are all on the go these days and when it comes to accessing information whilst on the move, we want it fast and without delay. Whereas websites may take a few seconds to load, increasing the chances of the user navigating elsewhere, your mobile app will instantly load and therefore put your content in front of a prospective buyer immediately.

With improved accessibility, even in poor connectivity areas, you can still be generating affiliate revenue when users are on the train for their morning commute, sitting in their favorite coffee shop or even when they’re using their mobiles at their desks during the working day!

Drive revenue from within the app

The good stuff doesn’t stop there though as with a mobile app, you can put your content right in front of their eyes, even when they’re not on your app.

Through push notifications, you can alert users to the very latest content available on your app, and in turn encourage them to read more and then make the click through to the seller’s site. By sending messages directly to the user’s home screen, you’ll be at the forefront of their thinking at all times and will soon start to expect and look forward to the next article, offer, discount or update you have for them.

You can even target users based on their location if you were working with an advertiser in a particular area who wanted to increase sales of a product or service through your affiliate marketing network.

Tapping into a growing market via various channels

With the increased trust users are putting in affiliate marketers, your methods to target these users don’t have to solely centre around your mobile app. You can also harness the power of social media to develop a cohesive plan that drives users to your mobile app through highly visual, engaging updates before supplying them with fantastic content when they arrive on your app.

If you can grab their attention on social media, encourage them to visit your app, provide a great experience when they are on there and make the link through to purchase a product easily, you’ll be on the right path to generate revenue with sale after sale.

Whether you’ve come to a dead end with your current affiliate marketing tactics or are simply ready to try something new, the development of a mobile app from the likes of AppInstitute can help your revenue soar.

You can have complete control over the how app looks and feels, from the colour scheme to images, layout and of course the content you add to it. With all of this combined with the app-like experience the end user can enjoy, you’ll soon be seeing the rewards coming through.

Author Bio:

Ian Naylor is the founder and CEO of AppInstitute, one of the world’s leading DIY app builders (over 70,000 apps built).

Naylor has founded, grown and sold 4 successful internet and technology companies during the past 18 years around the world.



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