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Starting Affiliate Marketing List Of Must Have Tools + Resources

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Starting an affiliate marketing business in 2020? Smart move B.T.W. Here is why!

With this covid-19 epidemic sweeping the globe and people unfortunately losing there jobs around the World, under no fault of there own, people are looking for ways to substitute there income and starting an online business in 2020 is the smart way to go.

With job stability at an all time low during these unprecedented covid19 times.

People are searching for the right online business to put some of the power back into there hands and substitute there income and eventually replace it entirely by starting an affiliate marketing business in 2020.

Here is a list of reasons why affiliate marketing is the perfect business model for home based business seekers in 2020 and well beyond to base your business around.

But first off;

What is affiliate marketing exactly?

Affiliate marketing is promoting other people’s products and services online in exchange for an affiliate commission.

When someone clicks on your personalized affiliate link and buys said product you as the referring affiliate receive a commission.

For full affiliate marketing training that shows you step by step how to start affiliate marketing click here.

Affiliate commissions for digital products can range from 50% all the way up to 100% on certain affiliate networks that you can sign up for free and find the perfect products to promote for your new home based business.

Affiliate commissions for physical type products are usually much lower, but tend to convert pretty well, making up for the lower affiliate commission rates many vendors offer.

Few examples of physical product affiliate programs are the Amazon associates program and off the top of my head.

Few examples of well known digital marketing affiliate programs are and

I prefer promoting digital products as an affiliate marketer, but I do promote physical products as well.

It will all boil down to personal preference when deciding which route to take when picking the perfect affiliate programs to sign with and finding the perfect affiliate products to base your business around.

Here is why starting an affiliate marketing business in 2020 is the perfect online business decision, and a very smart move on your part.

List Of Reasons Why Starting An Affiliate Marketing Business In 2020 Is A Smart Decision

  • Affiliate marketing is a multi-billion dollar yearly legitimate business model where vendors are willing to pay affiliates big commissions in some cases up to $1k’s of dollars per sale promoting there products and services to increase sales.
  • Starting an affiliate marketing business has a low barrier of entry and is not very expensive to get started. In most cases it is recommended to start a website, get affiliate marketing coaching to speed up your learning curve, and start an email list as soon as you get the basics down because this is where the majority of money is made [ via ] your new affiliate marketing business.
  • You will never run out of potential affiliate products to promote and earn commissions on. Affiliate marketing has an ocean of inventory for you to choose to promote and pretty much every major company has an affiliate marketing program in place. Giving you the tools and resources to help make all your affiliate marketing campaigns a success.
  • Affiliate marketing niches are endless – Have a niche that is potentially profitable and interests you? Chances are there are profitable affiliate products and services in that niche that you can choose to promote when starting your affiliate marketing business in 2020.
  • Affiliate marketing is a great side business to substitute your income and potentially lead to a full time income one day with the right motivation and effort on your part.
  • Affiliate marketing is challenging and potentially very rewarding. Like a challenge? Like to use your brains? Like to try and outsmart your competitors? Enjoy learning new things? Want to build an internet business that you can be proud of? If you answered yes to all these questions starting an affiliate marketing business in 2020 will be right up your alley.

Now, that we have established why starting an affiliate marketing business is a smart decision, and you want to move forward.

Here are the list of must have tools + resources that you will need to get your new affiliate business started on the right foot, and positioned in the best possible way possible to start making some money.

Starting Affiliate Marketing Your List Of Must Have Tools + Resources To Get Started On The Right Foot

Here is a list of some tools that all new affiliate marketers should invest in at some point when just getting started affiliate marketing.

  • To build the basic foundation for your new affiliate marketing business I recommend every new affiliate start a WordPress blog. WordPress powers the majority of the websites on the whole world wide web and the themes, plugins, seo tools, and everything in between that gives you the greatest chance of success to climb up the search engine rankings when starting your new affiliate marketing business in 2020. Why every new affiliate should start a blog? With every new blog post that you publish you are increasing your chances for more free traffic, more leads, and ultimately more sales with your new affiliate marketing business. Starting a WordPress blog also gives you your virtual real estate where you can promote all your affiliate programs, products, and services without anyone telling you what you can promote and what you cannot promote. Your WordPress blog is your rodeo and you are the cowboy or cowgirl so start one this is the first step when starting your affiliate marketing business. WordPress offers free, personal, business, and ecommerce plans for hosting with all the bells and whistles offered in the latter 2. I highly recommend a paid plan to give your affiliate marketing business the greatest chance of success. You get what you pay for or do not pay for in the free plans. This is a business treat is as such!
  • Get Affiliate Marketing Training – The right affiliate marketing training or coaching can literally shed years off of your learning curve and have you setup on your way to making your first commissions in weeks rather than months or years, if you put the time and effort into your affiliate business that is! Getting the right affiliate marketing training is a mistake that I made in the first few years of my affiliate business that cost me a few years of my life learning everything on my own and making mistake after mistake. If you value your time and energy I highly recommend you get the right coaching or mentorship to guide you on the fastest path to making more affiliate commissions and setting your new affiliate business up for the best success possible. Remember the saying: The more you learn the more you earn! Here is a free affiliate training course + bonuses to get you started.
  • Start An Email List – Starting and building email list is the #1 greatest asset every affiliate marketer can own! Why? 90% of the money that you will probably make online will be directly attributed to your email marketing list. Email marketing is the #1 high value skill that every affiliate marketer should learn if they want to make the big money one day with there affiliate businesses. This is a great free webinar that shows you step by step how this super affiliate marketer makes $1,000’s daily by sending goofy little emails to a 2 page website. Click here to sign up and bring a pen and some paper to take notes!
  • Traffic, Traffic, Traffic – Without targeted traffic to send to your affiliate offers let’s face it you will not make much money as an affiliate. Traffic is the lifeblood of any online business and everything revolves around it including the moon, stars, and earth. Lol, yeah it is that important! Start with free traffic sources like blogging on a daily or semi – daily basis, building your own Fb fanpages, starting a Fb group, starting a LinkedIn account, starting a Twitter page and tweeting about all your different affiliate products and services that you are currently promoting. When your new affiliate marketing business is starting to get more established and you are seeing the sales coming in then you can diversify and start running paid ads to build your email list from sources like Google adsense, FB ads, Bing ads, or any of the hundreds of other paid advertising sources on the Internet that you can use to grow your new affiliate marketing business.

Let me ask you a question?

What tools and resources are you currently using to build your affiliate marketing business in 2020 and into the future?

I would love to hear your FB comments below.

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