Web Traffic Struggling? How I Get Free Traffic To My Blog And Increase My Alexa Ranking?

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Web Traffic How I Get Traffic To My Blog And Increase My Visitors.
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Web Traffic How I Get Traffic To My Blog And Increase My Visitors.

Traffic = money Traffic = money Traffic = money for any online business on the internet. But all traffic is not created equal you want good, quality free traffic that can put money in your pockets. If you have a web business you want it to be profitable right? Stupid question really – of course you do!

After 5 plus years in the internet marketing field here is what works for me in terms of traffic generation for my blog, and shooting my rankings up the Alexa toolbar. All white hat proven traffic strategies. ( Nothing fishy going on here just a lot of hard work) .

Here Are The Web Traffic Techniques I Personally Do That Are Proven To Work Time, And Time Again! No Magic Here, Sorry David Blain!

  1. I comment on high traffic blogs that I find interesting, that are in my niche. Internet marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, or make money online niche. Internet marketing is a broad niche so you have a lot of options, but it is also highly competitive.
  • Zacjohnson.com – Very well put together blog with some good recommendations, blog traffic tips, and make money online programs @ courses. Very good traffic too on this blog Zac takes a lot of pride in his blog, and it show’s with his traffic levels. Zacjohnson.com’s alexa rank is 16,111 in the World which is very impressive. He also has 975 backlinks according to Alexa.
  • Johnchow.com – John Chow’s make money online blog is very well put together also and he has a lot of good traffic tips for bloggers, product reviews, and make money online training tips. Johnchows alexa ranking is 6, 119 in the World which is very impressive. He also has thousands of backlinks to boot. This blog is a powerhouse in the make money online niche.
  • Shoemoney.com – Same philosophy here great blog traffic tips. These two earn money online training blog’s are neck to neck in terms of power, and ranking on the Internet.  According to the alexa toolbar here is the breakdown of shoemoney.com 8,014 alexa traffic rank with thousands of backlinks pointing at it.


I Participate In Internet Marketing Forums

  1. honestworkfromhomesuccess.com – Great internet marketing forum where you learn all about internet marketing, affiliate marketing, website @ blog traffic tips, and making money online. This forum also has a newbies section for beginners who are new to internet marketing @ making money online as well as a cool freebies section where you can pick up some cool ebooks for free. Alexa rank: 18,237 worldwide according to the Alexa toolbar.
  • Warriorforum –  Who has not heard of the Warriorforum? This internet  marketing forum is exploding with targeted web traffic. The Warriorforum is one of the biggest internet marketing forums in the World in terms of sheer traffic. According to alexa the Warriorforum ranks in the top 200 sites on the internet. 139 in the World to be exact. If you have a blog and you want some great free targeted traffic give the warriorforum a try. I would also recommend upgrading to the warroom there is a lot of cool information in there related to making money online, seo, blog traffic, and all around great home based business tips for you and your online business.


These are really the only two internet marketing forums I visit regularly nowadays to increase my blog traffic, and alexa ranking.

  1.  I blog regularly. I update my blog 2-3 times a week with only 100% unique content all written and produced by yours truly – me!

I concentrate on search engine optimization to bring targeted traffic to my blog from the search engines. This is the best kind of traffic your blog can get from the internet period! Seo is free traffic from the search engines where the searchers are interested in what you have to offer they are actively seeking your information, or services out. Seo traffic is money traffic!

  • I also bookmark and share every blog post that I write using sexy bookmarks. P.S. Feel free to share this blog if you enjoy this post lol. Social bookmarking your blog posts using Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Stumbleupon, Orkut, and many more is a great strategy for free targeted traffic to your blog. P.S. You also get a lot of good backlinks pointing at your blog in the process.
  • I periodically will write a free press release promoting my blog. prlog.org is definitely my favorite free press release site.
  • I submit free video tutorials to Youtube and other popular video sharing sites online. I use a software program called ashampoo which you can pick up for about ten bucks. It works just as good as the one’s you pay $100’s for. I love ashampoo and it has really helped my online business in terms of traffic, and sales,  from all the video tutorial I can submit using their software. Video marketing is where it is at folks! Video’s work in the same way articles do they can be shared, and bring your blog a lot of backlinks, and free traffic.
  • I monetize my blog with only high quality internet marketing programs, and courses to help my blog readers make money online. I also talk about blog traffic tips, product reviews, internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and making money online. I cover pretty much everything on my blog.
  • And last but not least I bust my ass on this blog. If you want something for yourself you are going to have to go out there and bust your ass to get it! Unless your name is Paris Hilton – sorry Paris we love you lol . Never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something! Your dreams are always within your reach if your willing to make the sacrifices it takes to achieve them.

What are you doing to accomplish your dreams? Drive traffic to your blog? And make money online?


Tell me all about it in the comment section below!


To Your Online Success, Jay!








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