13 Effective Ways To Boost Traffic And Promote Your Website In 2020/2021

13 Effective Ways To Boost Traffic And Promote Your Website In [2023]

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If you have built a website for your business, for your personal project or to sell certain services, you might have realised by now that the building of the website is just the start of your journey.

An integral part of website creation is ensuring that your target market can access your content and that you are actively driving traffic to your website. Though it might help to know that by the year 2021 we have been gifted a range of methods that aid website promotion, it can sometimes be a confusing process – particularly when it comes to knowing where to start.

If you are wondering just how you can easily promote your website, have a look at some of our top suggestions in this post.

How is Writing High-Quality Content Important for Website Promotion?

One of the fundamental steps to take when trying to promote your website is to ensure that your content is of a good quality.

It’s not enough to simply churn out content, you’ll want to make sure that your content is reliable, that it is trustworthy, and authentic. Most of all, you should ensure that you are providing information that your clients will want to share on social media and that makes use of SEO strategies as well.

Good quality content ensures your website ranks highly on search engines, which is why you should aim to produce original content that, for instance, has more than 2000 words, has a catchy headline and has plenty of facts and statistics. In fact, 75% of marketing pros suggest that high quality content is an integral step to take when trying to promote content.

How Important are Infographics for Promoting Your Website?

The use of infographics for your website’s content is a wise option to take. Infographics make content easier to interpret and are more engaging for your audience. They actually have the potential to increase your website’s traffic by 12%.

An infographic that contains statistics can give your audience the information they are looking for in seconds. But going one step further, your goal should also include actively promoting your infographics to increase your website traffic.

Not only should you include buttons for sharing your infographics on social media, you should leverage the power of forums, which will help you to gain more interest from your target audience.

A bonus method of promoting infographics is to submit them to directories, which means you can also benefit from the getting your website links promoted.

How is Wikipedia Useful for Website Promotion?

Promoting your website’s content with Wikipedia is another useful approach to increase traffic to your site. The main benefit of using Wikipedia for website promotion is that you can gain links to your website, making it simpler for your target audience to discover your services or products.

Anyone who might be searching for content, services or products like yours via Wikipedia will discover your content, and can find out more by clicking your links to visit your website.

How do Keywords Contribute to Increasing Traffic?

When sharing your website and its content via social media, another way to boost traffic is to make use of keywords and calls to action. Keywords are useful because they are the particular phrases that your target audience enters into search engines to find the answers to their queries or discover particular services.

One of your main focuses when it comes to promoting your website should be to research relevant keywords linked to the content on your webpages. By taking the same approach as you would when trying to optimise your content by using SEO, and by using keywords for your posts, headlines and image captions you can make your website’s content searchable on Facebook or Twitter.

13 Effective Ways To Boost Traffic And Promote Your Website In [2023] website promotion
ways to boost website traffic Facebook 2020/2021

Calls to action can motivate people to share your content and promote your website. By simply encouraging people to ‘share’, ‘like’ or ‘subscribe’, you enable your content to be distributed more widely on social networks.

How Popular is LinkedIn for Promoting a Website?

Making use of social media to distribute your content is a highly popular strategy in 2020. In cases where you know your target market regularly uses social media, you are highly likely to distribute and promote your website more easily via shares.

It’s important to know your target audience well and have an idea of which social network is most appropriate for sharing your content. The social networking website LinkedIn has in excess of 670 million users across the globe and provides the option to join professional groups.

13 Effective Ways To Boost Traffic And Promote Your Website In [2023] website promotion
Ways to increase website traffic Linkedin 2020/2021

It is a social networking giant that enables its users to share their content via SlideShare, by posting frequent updates, by linking to their websites and by creating a company page to promote their websites. Using LinkedIn is therefore an effective strategy to distribute your website content.

How Does Responding on a Comments Section Help to Promote a Website?

Many business blogs and blogs in general feature comment sections that facilitate the process of connecting with their target audience. A comments section can inform you on the most pressing issues that your clients might want to know more about.

It could be argued that, on the one hand, allowing a comments section can take time to maintain, but it can also lead to a slight boost in traffic to your website which can lead to promotion of your content.

While some people suggest that the conversations on social media can increase traffic and promotion and should be prioritised over a blog’s comment section, it doesn’t hurt to include one provided you are using it effectively and making use of those all-important keywords when responding to comments.

What Roles do Internal and External Links Have for Website Promotion?

You might be content with your content so far, but have you fully optimised it for reliability and authenticity? There are many ways of optimising your website’s content so that it can be easily found on search engines. Using keywords is one SEO strategy, and another is using backlinks or link building.

Link building is an approach that uses hyperlinks to and from your website to drive traffic to your content. By making use of internal links, or linking to your own older content like blogs or articles, you can ensure that your traffic or target audience doesn’t leave your web page.

By making use of external links, on the other hand, you can increase the quality and validity of your content. One thing to bear in mind for the year 2020 is that the best methods for link building may have altered, an example of which is the new ‘rel=nofollow’ tag in HTML. This tag lets search engines know that your hyperlink shouldn’t affect the target page’s ranking on search engines.

It’s important to keep abreast of the ever changing best practices when promoting your website content.

How Can You Promote a Website’s Content with Social Media?

There are a range of social media channels that are frequently used when trying to promote an intriguing idea or a funny anecdote amongst friends, but these exact same channels can also be used to promote your website with new clients.

From Facebook and Twitter to videos on Youtube, social media channels provide a surefire way of promoting your website and can even draw in more clients. An important feature that you should include on your website are sharing buttons or options to share the content, as these can make distributing your website and getting mentioned on social media easier.

It’s worth knowing that while in 2020 many mobile users don’t make use of share buttons, your clients that use a desktop are more likely to use them – particularly if your website’s content is worth sharing.

How do Videos Help to Promote a Website?

Not only should you share your website using share buttons on social media, you should get creative with the ways you promote your content as it’s likely you’ll attract more visitors this way.

Creating videos for YouTube or Facebook that are related to your website can help spread the message and promote your content further. From sharing content via YouTube channels to sharing videos via LinkedIn, there are a world of opportunities to share the story and message of your website by distributing videos on social media.

Because videos are more engaging and can help you to receive more traffic, this medium should definitely be taken advantage of if you are hoping to promote your website.

How Can You Leverage Forums to Share Your Content?

Among the top five forum websites you’ll find Quora and Reddit, and they can provide an effective method of distributing or sharing your content. Take Quora, for example. Quora enables you to include links to your website’s posts which you can use to your advantage when trying to boost unique viewers to your website. 

Not only can you share your content among the 300 million monthly unique visitors, you can come up with new ideas for fresh content, and the content that you promote on Quora will most likely reach your target audience and new ones too.

Reddit, with its 330 million active users per month, offers another alternative to share your content. Making use of the Subreddit sections that are appropriate for your content, you can easily distribute the content of your website. But it’s important to proceed with caution when promoting content on these forums as overt self-promotion can lead to penalisation.

Which Email Marketing Strategies Effectively Promote Content?

Many businesses make use of email marketing strategies to successfully promote their services, products and website content as it is time and cost effective. Sharing content with clients that have chosen to receive your materials or have subscribed to your services can make the difference between invasive email marketing and giving your clients exactly what they are looking for.

As with your social media posts, remember to use calls to action in your email marketing campaigns too. There are a range of service providers that offer software that you can use to create your campaign more easily.

From MailChimp to Drip, you can choose your email marketing service, launch your email marketing campaign and consolidate your website promotion goals with ease.

How are FAQ Pages Important for Promoting a Website?

Your FAQ page is very important. Its content can significantly increase the amount of traffic to your website and acts as website promotion. So you should aim to have an optimised FAQ page as this can be leveraged as a really successful content marketing strategy.

The best ways to improve your FAQ page include being concise and focusing on the clarity of each answer you provide. You might be tempted to include every explicit detail as a response to each of your answers, but including too much detail can be confusing for your audience and lead to more questions. Clarity is key.

You can also optimise your FAQ page by categorising them into sections with labels. This makes it easier for your target audience to discover the answers they are looking for.

Ensure you have chosen the necessary questions that your target audience are looking for. This signals to Google that the content on your website is valuable, which can help you to rank highly on SERPs, gain more traffic and promote your website.

How does Optimising for Featured Snippets Help with Website Promotion?

Optimising the content on your website can really boost traffic and promote your website, especially if you are aware of the advantage of featured snippets. As mentioned, ranking highly on Google’s SERPs is important, and optimising for featured snippets is one method promoting your website.

Featured snippets are the search results that appear at the top of search engine ranking pages. They give responses to a user’s queries, and when you optimise for them they an increase your click-through rate significantly.

Featured snippets include listed responses and paragraph snippets. Although the content included in featured snippets are selected by Google, you can increase the likelihood of your content appearing as a featured snippet by using questions in your website’s content, such as ‘how to’ or ‘what is’.

Incorporating appropriate HTML markup also helps to optimise for featured snippets, as does using effective SEO optimisation strategies. So use these strategies to increase your website exposure and gain more traffic.

Promoting your website in 2020/2021 might seem like an overwhelming task given that there are a number of strategies out there to make use of. But by taking some of these steps into consideration you’ll soon see the traffic to your website increasing and be able to promote your content with ease.

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13 Effective Ways To Boost Traffic And Promote Your Website In [2023] website promotion
13 Effective Ways To Boost Traffic And Promote Your Website In [2023] 1
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