WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Review

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Review – Which is Better And Why? [ 2023 ]

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WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org review in a battle to end all battles! Let the battle of the WordPress hosting Titans begin!

Ok, it is not that serious, this is not the hunger games.

But, which WordPress hosting solution is right for you and your particular needs?

What do WordPress.com offer that WordPress.org does not offer and vice versa?

What are the differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org?

WordPress.com paid to host plans verse the D.I.Y. Self Hosted WordPress Solution

Which WordPress hosting solution would I pick WordPress.com or WordPress.org based on different needs?

Which is better a free WordPress hosting solution or a paid WordPress hosting solution and why?

Find out the answers to all your questions and choose the WordPress solution that fits your particular business needs to make the smoothest transition to WordPress as easy as possible inside my review.

Let the WordPress hunger games begin!


WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Review
WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Review [2022] Comparison

What Are The Major Differences Between WordPress.com And WordPress.org?

WordPress.org is a self-hosted WordPress solution where you have to pay for your own Webhosting, buy a domain name, and install WordPress.org on your blog or website. [ Most webhosts offer a free domain name with the purchase of a paid 1-year Webhosting plan ]


You control everything from the affiliate ads you place, to the WordPress plugins you install, and everything in between with the self-hosted WordPress.org solution.

With the self-hosted WordPress option, you are in complete control of your online destiny, but it does come with some drawbacks for certain people.

What Are The Downsides Of A Selfhosted WordPress.org blog?

  • If anything goes wrong with your self hosted WordPress site you are responsible to fix it.
  • You have to pay for any premium WordPress themes that you install on your blog.
  • If you are not tech savvy it can be a pain in the ass getting everything set up, and learning how to do everything correctly.
  • You are usually in most cases depending on the webhost responsible for website backups, and website security options, to protect your self hosted WordPress.org blog which costs extra obviously.

What Is The Benefit Of A Self Hosted WordPress.org Hosting Solution?

  • You control everything and everything with a self hosted WordPress solution. Place what ads you want, place the affiliate links you want, place the banners you want, post what you want, etc… etc…

If you want a step-by-step solution on how to install a self-hosted WordPress blog this is a great guide.

So, now that you know what a self-hosted WordPress.org blog is let’s move onto WordPress.com and see what this hosting solution has to offer.

WordPress.com What Is It And What Does This Hosting Solution Offer?

WordPress.com is a hosting solution hosted by WordPress itself, and not the self-hosted WordPress option.

[ which you control everything and anything with the self-hosted WordPress.org option ]

WordPress.com was for many years is thought of as a free hosting solution for fly-by-night startup affiliate marketers, hobbyists, and part-time bloggers who did not care much about monetizing their WordPress sites in the best way possible.

These WordPress.com users were just in it for fun and did not want to invest any more in their businesses when it came to Webhosting.

So, they went the cheapest way possible and started up free WordPress.com sites with limited advertising options and bound by WordPress.coms rules.

You do not own the site, you can not pick your own domain name, you basically were not able to advertise much of anything or it was very limited in what you could actually do on your free WordPress.com site.

And if you violated WordPress.coms rules then Aribadirche you are out the door, and your WordPress blog could be shut down overnight, with no recourse on your end.

Well, if you are just starting up a blog or website for fun, and do not want to pay for Webhosting, then the free WordPress.com option is the ideal solution.

But, if you are in it to win it, and you want to grow your business to be a thriving profitable online business one day.

Then, you are going to want to go with one of the paid Webhosting plans from WordPress.com

Luckily; WordPress.com has upped its game and now offers various Webhosting solutions for every type of entrepreneur.

From the weekend warrior to the solopreneur just getting started, all the way through a done for you eCommerce solution Webhosting plan.

Find out what I recommend when it comes to the various WordPress.com hosting plans offered verse the self-hosted WordPress.org option where you are in control of everything.

Enjoy my review;

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Review – What Are The Different WordPress.com Hosting Plans?

  • The free WordPress.com hosting solution – This is for you cheapskates out there, and people who are allergic to making money, but want to get an online presence without a price tag attached. Basically, if you just want to mess around and learn WordPress and don’t care about monetizing your blog then this is the ideal solution for you. The free WordPress hosting solution is very limited with what you can do with it but does include jetpack essential features, pre-installed ssl certificates, and dozens of free themes. Other than that good luck turning a free WordPress.com package into a thriving business this option would definitely be for part time bloggers just looking to have fun and do not care about building a real business based around the WordPress platform. As the saying goes you get what you pay for, or do not pay for in this particular scenario.
  • Personal WordPress.com Plan – The personal WordPress.com hosting plan comes with a few more features it includes jetpack, free ssl certificate, free WordPress themes option, free domain name for 1 year, email @ basic chat support if you run into any technical problems or have a question to ask, double the storage space from 3g to 6gb, you can remove those pesky WordPress.com ads plastered all over your site, and you can accept recurring payments on your WordPress.com site.
  • Premium WordPress.com Plan – The WordPress.com premium hosting plan comes with everything in the personal plan plus it ups your storage capability from 6gb to 13 gb, access to unlimited premium WordPress themes, advanced design customization so you really customize your WordPress.com site, you can remove the WordPress.com advertisements, marketing and monetization tools include recurring payments, simple payments, word ads to monetize your WordPress.com site, advanced social media tools so you can schedule your social media posts in advance, video press support, and google analytics integration.
  • Business WordPress.com Plan[ Recommended Plan ] The WordPress.com business plan is where WordPress.com starts to get really worthwhile, and it becomes more like a self hosted WordPress.org blog. Everything is included with this hosting plan except the tools you would want if you ran an ecommerce store like in the plan directly below. You can fully monetize your site, you have access to premium themes for free, you can upload whatever plugins you want, you get automatic website backups and one click rewind, access to personalized help, all the WordPress monetization options as well as access to your database and files. You are also allowed 200 gb of storage space so your business will never have to worry about outgrowing the platform unless your Forbes, or the Huffington post or some other mega site. Basically this WordPress plan is on par with a self hosted WordPress.org hosting plan with a few things included you would have to pay extra for if you go the self hosted WordPress.org route. If you want to stay the least techy as possible while still having all the bells and whistles of a self hosted WordPress solution then this hosting plan is for you.
  • Ecommerce WordPress.com Plan[ Recommended Plan ] Throw in all the bells and whistles from the WordPress.com business plan and add ecommerce store solutions like the ability to accept payments in 60+countries worldwide, integration with top shopping carriers worldwide, the ability to add unllimited products and services, all the ecommerce marketing tools your little heart desires, and access to a wide array of premium wordpress themes specifically for entrepreneurs running an ecommerce store, and a whopping 200gb of storage space and you have the ultimate wordpress.com solution for anyone looking to setup and run an ecommerce store using wordpress. Note: This WordPress.com plan comes highly recommended for anyone looking to build there dream ecommerce business using WordPress, it makes everything as easy as possible with all the right tools to run and market a growing ecommerce store.

What Type Of People WordPress.com Plans Are Ideal For?

  • If you want to stay away from buying outside premium wordpress themes that will cost you $50 to $100 a pop in most cases then a WordPress.com hosting plan is right for you.
  • If you do not want to run into as many potentially technical problems running a WordPress site then a WordPress.com hosting package may be right for you. [ BTW You will prob still have a few problems they will just be less then doing everything on your own like with a self hosted WordPress.org solution ]
  • If you want everything included then a WordPress.com webhosting package will be right for you. Note: This is only the case in my review for the business or ecommerce WordPress hosting packages. If it is the free WordPress.com hosting package, personal, or premium WordPress.com hosting I would always go the self hosted WordPress.org route. These 3 packages are just too limited in my opinion to build a real online business around.

Which Is Better A Free WordPress Hosting Solution Or A Paid WordPress Hosting Solution And Why? WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Review

Any hosting plan that is free is basically hot garbage! There I said it!

Stay away from any free hosting solution unless you are just having fun and do not care about building a real online business.

Paid in anything is always better especially when it comes to running and building an online business.

You have to spend money to make money with your business.

B.T.W. It is not like forking over money for WordPress Webhosting is like your buying a brand new top-of-the-line Tesla.

You are building the basic foundation for your business that will hopefully make you a lot of money one day.

Is a free maggot-infested hamburger better than a delicious Angus beef hamburger from a 5-star restaurant?

You get the picture!

Enough said!

Which WordPress Hosting Solution Would I Pick WordPress.com or WordPress.org Based On Different Needs?

The only two WordPress.com hosting solutions that I would definitely recommend are the WordPress business hosting package, and the WordPress eCommerce hosting package. You can run a fully-fledged business with all the bells and whistles using 1 of these 2 hosting packages depending on your particular needs.

Without a lot of the technical know-how and trial and error, it can take to run a self-hosted WordPress blog.

The advantage of these 2 WordPress.com hosting solutions is everything is included.

No, getting outside Webhosting and installing WordPress on your own if you are not technically savvy or do not have much patience.

No installing website backups, no paying for premium WordPress themes, no paying for SSL certificates, and you get a lot of free marketing tools that probably would cost you extra if you went the self-hosted WordPress.org route.

Obviously, if you are planning on starting an eCommerce store and you want to use WordPress which is always a smart idea then go with the e-commerce WordPress.com hosting plan.

If you are not planning on running an eCommerce store then the WordPress.com business plan is more than enough to build a killer site where you can do everything that you can if WordPress.org without all the technical know-how and trial and error that running a self-hosted WordPress blog brings to the table.

What A Self Hosted WordPress.org Blog Brings To The Table?

All my blogs are self-hosted WordPress blogs but I would consider the WordPress.com business or eCommerce plan if I was starting over.

They are basically self-hosted WordPress.org hosting options with everything included so the learning curve would be less going that route.

With that being said!

I like learning and I am prepared for any technical problems that come my way so for me the self-hosted WordPress.org route is the way to go.

This is the WebHost I recommend if you are planning on going the self-hosted WordPress route. Click Here To Check Out My Recommended Webhost!

So, in essence, it would all depend on what category you fall in on which route to take when it comes to deciding on a WordPress.com hosting solution or a WordPress.org hosting solution.

You control everything with a self-hosted WordPress.org blog like uploading themes, uploading plugins, file access, database access, and you can advertise what you want when you want.

You can switch web hosts if you are not happy with your particular WebHost.

There are a ton of pluses going the self-hosted WordPress.org route

If you can find the right WebHost and do not mind getting your hands dirty getting under that WordPress hood and learning, learning, learning.

To Recap: You are more in control of everything going the self-hosted WordPress .org route.

My Final WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Review – Which is Better And Why [ 2022 ]

WordPress.com Business Plan – Includes all the bells and whistles of running your own self-hosted WordPress.org and can save you some money on some marketing tools, website backups, paying for premium themes, etc… This WordPress.com package is best for entrepreneurs looking to build a long-term viable online business that can save you time, stress, and some technical know-how doing everything on your own.

WordPress.com Ecommerce Plan – If I was going to build an eCommerce store for myself there is no question about it that the WordPress eCommerce plan is the route that I would go. This WordPress plan has everything you could want and need in terms of tools and resources to grow and prosper with your eCommerce business. Not to mention it is hosted by WordPress so everything should rank better in the search engines. I would definitely choose this web hosting plan over competitors like Shopify if I was going to build an eCommerce store since I love the WordPress platform so much and 38% of the Internet is powered by it.

Self-Hosted WordPress.org Hosting Plan – I would always recommend starting a self-hosted WordPress blog over anything else because you have more control of your business. With that being said the 2 WordPress.com options I discussed above the business and e-commerce plans are definitely good alternatives to the self-hosted WordPress.org option.

WordPress.com vs WordPress.org Review My Final Review:

These 3 options are all good WordPress hosting solutions and would be the only 3 hosting solutions that I would personally recommend for starting an online business.

Ask yourself?

What do I want and what do I need when it comes to WordPress hosting?

You saw my review.


The choice is yours when it comes to WordPress Webhosting.

Choose wisely;

But; I think you cannot go wrong with any of these 3 options I discussed in my review when starting your online business in 2022.

Let Me Hear Your WordPress.com Verse WordPress.org Review Below

Which WordPress hosting solution are you going with and why? Comment on FB below.

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