Need A Link Building Tutorial? Here’s What You Need To Do To Get The Best Links

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How to build backlinks online
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Need a Link Building Tutorial? Here’s Some Tips On What You Need To Do to Get the Best BackLinks    

When it comes to getting your website out in front of targeted traffic, links are absolutely crucial. Without them, you’ll never see your search engine rank go up, and the odds of you increasing your website’s traffic are very, very slim.

There is plenty of link building tips and advice floating around out there, but what you need is a link building tutorial. That’s why I’ve laid out 3 specific things that you need to do to get the best links:

 1. Assess your competition

Once you’ve picked a domain name and built a website, take a look at the top 3 search engine results for your target keywords. It will provide a link building tutorial all on its own. After all, these websites made it to the top of the search results for a reason, so see where their links are coming from.

If you can, get links from the same places. It could be as simple as submitting an article to the same article directory or writing a guest post for a specific blog. You won’t be able to get links from all of the same places, but by getting as many as you can, you’re closing the gap right off the bat.

Yahoo Site Explorer used to be one of the easiest was to find these links, but it has now been discontinued. But there are other free alternatives – one of the best is SEO Spyglass, although there are others.

Link Building Tip: Once you find the backlinks your competition is ranking on the first pages of Google for do a search on Alexa for your competitors sites. See who is linking to them? Why not get some quality backlinks from some of the sites that link to your competition.  ( This tip will help you out a great deal in the search engines ) They are number 1 for a reason find out why? And who is linking to your competition?

2. Look for popular sites in your niche 

Even while you’re assessing your completion, look for other link building opportunities. A quick Google search will turn up several opportunities, like:

  • Forums in your niche

By becoming a regular, valued contributor (with your link in the signature), you can develop some new relationships, establish your expertise, and spread your link around.

  • Popular blogs

Lots of blog owners accept quality guest posts, because it gives them a chance to take a break for the day. At the end of guest blog posts, you’ll get to put your link in (just like a resource box on an article directory), which will give you an SEO boost. All you need to do is impress readers with your guest post, and you can wind up with a ton of new visitors! Plus, you never know which readers are going to share your link on their own sites. The link building possibilities are endless!

3.  Start up a Twitter account and a Facebook Fan Page

Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook have made the world wide web even more popular – and they also provide a great link building tutorial. Take a look at some of the top performers in your niche, and see how they’re using Twitter and Facebook to build links. Then, sign up for your own accounts and start networking!

The biggest lesson to take away from this link building tutorial?

Link building is never done. Consider link building to be a mix of quality and quantity – you need a lot of high-quality links to succeed. It takes ongoing work to get them, but the consistent traffic you get from being at the top of the search engines makes all the work worthwhile. And of course, once you have a clear strategy in place, you can always outsource your link building, freeing up more of your valuable time.

This is a guest post by affiliate marketer Val Wilson. Get more affiliate marketing and SEO tips at, where you can download his free Successful Affiliate Strategies Guide.

To Your Online Success, Jay

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