How To Blog For A 2nd Income That Can Lead Into A Full Time Income ( Steps To Take! )

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How To Blog For A 2nd Income That Can Lead Into A Full-Time Income ( Steps To Take! )

With the economy slowly slugging along at a snail’s pace and millions of people still out of work, many people are looking for viable ways to make extra income from home.

Enter the Internet @ Blogging! The Internet has created more millionaires than the past 40 years combined since the dot com boom.

That is the power of having the World at your fingertips from your spare bedroom or office.

Are you going to be the next Internet millionaire? Chances are probably not, but one thing is for sure there are tons of proven ways to make money online nowadays.

This is not your grandfather’s era!

The Internet has opened up so many opportunities for people that take advantage of its huge potential it is almost scary.

The Internet ship has just docked; the question is, will you board this very profitable money machine?

Think about this for a second. Where else can you potentially sell a product or service to people worldwide in your pajamas for little to no investment whatsoever?

How powerful is that?

How about having your own money machine that requires no employees but yourself to get going and potentially make you money 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

All this can be accomplished through internet marketing and blogging.

Let me take you through some proven strategies to make you a nice 2nd income in the near future if you follow these simple strategies.

Let’s get started, shall we?

How To Blog For a 2nd income and turn your blog into a high powered authority site that can make you money 24/7 days a week while your sound asleep

blogging for cash from home
See how comfortable being a blogger can be? Photo from Flickr by Netdiva all rights reserved.

How To Blog For A 2nd Income That Can Lead Into A Full Time Income ( Steps To Take! ) Blog money Picking A Profitable Niche – What are you passionate about? What topics could you base a blog around that would motivate you to stick with your blog?

Is the niche you are passionate about also profitable? By answering these questions, and creating a blog around your chosen topic, could make all the difference from you being broke blogging to making thousands of dollars monthly one day.

Why? It is much easier to succeed online or in a niche that piques your interest.

You are 10x more likely to put the work in to make your blog a success because you are enjoying what you are doing; it does not feel like work to you at all.

You are feeling like Mcdonald’s and loving it! ( This whole blogging and making money online thing. )  There are many profitable niches out there – pick one that meets these criteria, and you can set yourself up for blogging success before you even get started.

Blogging Tip: Make sure you choose a good domain name that is easy to remember and related to your chosen niche.

If you’re looking to turn your blog into a potentially full-time income one day, I would strongly suggest that you invest in a self hosted WordPress blog, and do not go the free route.

Why? If you go the free blogger blog route, you are building your business on quicksand and not a solid foundation for a profitable business to bloom.

Remember: Google owns Blogger. That is why it is free, they can delete your blog for any reason they deem fit, and you cannot do anything about it! Trust me; I have been there and done that!

How To Blog For A 2nd Income That Can Lead Into A Full Time Income ( Steps To Take! ) Blog money Create Unique High Quality Content – With all of Google’s crazy seo updates to their search engine algorithms.

Panda, Penguin, and coming soon to a search engine near you, the Tiger @ Polar bear updates, guaranteed to stir things up, and bring the animal out of you. ( Animal Planet, anyone, lol. )

Ok, you caught me.

I made the last part up, but honestly, you never know what 95 mph curve ball Google will throw at us Internet entrepreneurs next.

If you’re trying to crack a big part of the seo code, keep it simple by producing very high-quality content that is not found anywhere else on the Internet.

Why? Because you write high-quality content is Google’s favorite snack, they eat it up!

High-quality content will be rewarded now and forever in search engines! In this modern day and age of the Internet, producing high-quality content that can be shared by visitors of your blog VIA social networks, that produces backlinks pointing at your blog, and drives targeted traffic, is more important than ever.

There is an old saying. If you want something done right, do it yourself! Think of this saying when coming up with high-quality content for your blog.

Take the time to produce blog content that is worthy of sharing!

Blogging Tip: Do not copy and paste other people’s content and claim it as your own. Stealing content is not only unethical but your blog post and all of its content will not be indexed by Google rendering it useless! Write the content yourself for maximum traffic and SEO benefits.

How To Blog For A 2nd Income That Can Lead Into A Full Time Income ( Steps To Take! ) Blog money  Update Your Blog Regularly –  Nothing is worse than a dead blog that lays stagnant for months on end without a blog update of some sort.

Not only will your blog traffic slowly deteriorate from a lack of fresh, unique content, but your blog followers will also be looking for some cool new blog posts from you.

So to make the search engines, your blogs traffic, and your blog followers happy, you should update your blogs content at least 2 – 3 times a week if you’re looking to turn your blog into a potential money-making machine down the road with some effort on your part.

Monetize Your Blog – If you’re looking to monetize your blog to its fullest potential as a new Internet entrepreneur, you can accomplish this by adding relevant affiliate programs to your blog posts, Google Adsense ads, selling ad space, adding cost-per-action programs to your blog, and most importantly you should be capturing leads from your blogs, visitors, by building an email list, so you can turn them into paying customers now, or down the road.

The majority of the money you will earn as a blogger – internet marketer will be made by building a list, so this step is vitally important!

A few cool ways to monetize your blog, and the free affiliate programs that can make you money you should sign up for.

  • Maxbounty – Awesome C.P.A. program. This one is my personal favorite.
  • Peerfly – Popular C.P.A. program that you should look into
  • Clickbank – This affiliate network has been around since 1997 and has paid out over 2 billion dollars in affiliate commissions to affiliates Worldwide since its introduction.
  • Rapbank – The instant affiliate commission network. I only promote the 100% commission products – read how their payments work after signing up.
  • J.V.Zoo – This rapidly growing affiliate network is getting pretty popular. ( J.V.zoo also offers instant commissions )
  • Amazon – If you have not heard of Amazon by now, you must live under a rock like a caveman in the Geico commercials.
  • Warriorplus – Promote the hottest-selling warrior special offers from the #1 internet marketing forum and earn some instant commissions from your efforts.
  • Google Adsense – Add relevant Google ads to your blog, and Google will gladly pay you each time one of their ads is clicked.
  • Commission Junction – There are some big Fortune 500 companies that will pay you handsomely for successfully referring a paying customer VIA your affiliate link or banner ad promoting a particular product or service.
  • Revenue Wire – This new affiliate program is starting to get pretty popular. There is a lot of top-selling software that you can promote on this site and earn up to a 75% commission.
Top affiliate programs for bloggers
Clickbank marketplace affiliate program. Top affiliate programs for bloggers

How To Blog For A 2nd Income That Can Lead Into A Full Time Income ( Steps To Take! ) Blog money Social Networking – Add the popular social networking icons to your blog posts ( See my blog for an example. ) Your social icons should include the most popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, GooglePlus, and TikTok, for maximum benefits so your blog visitors can easily share your blog’s content.

If you are using a self-hosted WordPress blogging platform, there are free plugins that you can easily install and activate on your blog posts to make social sharing a breeze.

Blogging Tip: Make sure you have your social icons prominently displayed above your blog posts and if possible, below your blog posts for maximum sharing value.

How To Blog For A 2nd Income That Can Lead Into A Full Time Income ( Steps To Take! ) Blog moneyListbuilding – As I stated earlier in this blog post, building a high-quality email list from your blog’s visitors should be #1 on your to-do list if you are looking to earn some extra money from your blog.

The bigger and more responsive your email list is, the more money you’re going to make from sending a simple email to your list of subscribers.

There are some inexpensive WordPress plugins that can make building a profitable email list a lot easier by giving you the option to place lightbox popup forms on your blog, footer ads, placing your email form inside your blog posts, one-click opt-ins, where your blog visitors name and email is already filled out automatically all they have to do, is verify their subscription, and tons of other cool features to help build you a profitable email list by installing the right plugin.

***** Free Items To Giveaway To Build Your List –  If your looking for something free to giveaway on your blog to entice a subscriber to opt -in to your email list you can create a free ebook by converting your blog posts into a PDF by using a free software called Openoffice.

You can write your ebook on any platform of your choosing, such as Microsoft Word, or even make it a blog post, and copy and paste the contents to your open office software and hit P.D.F. when the book is exactly like you want it ( Voila instant Ebook! ).

You can also create a free video or video series to give away using software called Ashampoo which works great and is very cheap. You can also Google free ebooks with PLR to give away for free to your opt-ins. ( The choice is yours! ) *****

How To Blog For A 2nd Income That Can Lead Into A Full Time Income ( Steps To Take! ) Blog money  Linkbuilding – If you want your blog to grab a ton of free traffic from the search engines, see an increase in Google page rank, then only link your blog to other high-quality, high-traffic blogs and websites.

***** Linkbuilding Tip For New Bloggers: Do not try and game the search engines by using software that spams 1,000 sites with your blogs link, or hiring someone on sites like Fiverr to build you hundreds of low-quality links to your blog.

This does not work at all, and it can actually have the opposite effect by hurting your blog’s ranking in the search engines if Google discovers some shady unnatural link-building is going on. The worst-case scenario is your blog gets de-indexed completely by Google.

Play it safe, build your links manually, and watch your blog traffic move up the rankings for various keyword terms in the search engines, and watch your new business grow like a Chia pet. *****

Conclusion: Developing an authority blog takes time and effort, but the fruit a blog can bear can be very plentiful if you put the work in that is necessary to make your blog a success.

Follow these tips in this blog post and be on your way to a nice 2nd income from your efforts, which may one day turn into a lucrative full-time job if you stick with a solid business strategy.

I have laid it out for you on a silver platter; it is your job to get out there and start taking massive action.

Will you be the next profitable blogger making thousands weekly? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain!

You cannot accomplish this by not taking action!

Go out there and start making your blogging dreams a reality, and do not forget to share this blog post with a friend if you found it helpful!

To accomplish great things, we
must not only act, but also dream,
not only plan, but also believe.
– Anatole France

Your comments are appreciated below.

About the author: Yours truly Jay Orban – I run this blog I teach people how to make more money online. Creator of a video series that teaches people how to make money blogging as an affiliate marketer with simple video tutorials.

I have been an Internet entrepreneur for over 15 years now, and I want to teach you to do the same. A real business is not built overnight but brick by brick!

You can follow me on Twitter: Earnathometips or contact me by email at

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