Mathew Woodward Marketer Seal Review

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Mathew Woodward Marketer Seal Review Get Your Private Blog Network Specialist Certification.

Mathew Woodward Marketer Seal Review best seo training courses

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Matthew Woodward, an affiliate marketing guru, first got access to the internet 20 years ago when he was 10 and started writing reviews for video games as a volunteer when he was 13. After building his first website which was way before the existence of YouTube, he realized money could be made off the internet in other ways asides competitive online gaming. This in turn made him discover his zeal for online marketing and led him into the corporate world where he worked his way to the top and eventually found himself as the person in charge of the online marketing department in a big distributing firm in Europe which leads campaigns for global clients.

Though working in the corporate world didn’t give him as much ultimate satisfaction as he was also deemed too passionate, so in 2010 he ventured into working for himself i.e. entrepreneurship owning and becoming a private blog network specialist and he has done quite a lot for himself being an entrepreneur from building and selling sites, to winning different awards for his internet marketing blogs, meeting lots of internet marketing experts, spoken at different conferences in various countries, and stopped believing in the capitalist/consumerist policy. He finds the mind intriguing and things that have to do with psychology and business are of huge interest to him.

His blog was created with an aim of sharing his most valuable asset of which is his knowledge and experience and also be on hand to provide quality advice and tutorial session to those who are in need of it. The blog was designed to offer various services such as hire me, an agency page where they provide SEO solutions to those who are looking to take the marketing part of their business to the next level which is online marketing and have not the slightest idea on how to go about it. The page is created to fulfill the business needs and goals based on SEO strategies and also design custom SEO strategies for those who already have their goals mapped out such as being on the front web page and they have a commitment to deliver results that are measurable and tangible showing improved online presence and increased revenue for business. They offer free SEO analysis and quotes, run case studies and attract traffic to your business page.

Under the hire me services is a service known as private blog network building were high quality private blog and site networks with high authority domains are built which offer added benefits such as increased search engine traffic results, long lasting results, full control etc. Another page is provided for exclusive deals where exclusive internet marketing deals and coupons are provided for his readers. These coupons are provided for different categories of internet marketing related services, software and plugins such as blogging, course, hosting, SEO, social, WP plugins, others etc.

There is a post-categories page which is further broken down into different archives such as blogging where he offers quality advice with an article on how to start a blog, offers various case studies and a tutorial to go with. This archive has 8 pages with various articles on blogging with different headlines such as ways to get blog traffic, tutorials on becoming a blogger, how to sell websites etc in the pages. The conversion archive is a 2 page archive with different topics ranging from conversion to tracking to page optimization. The next archive is on email marketing which is also 2 pages with articles written from best email marketing software to building email list for profits and various other email subjects with reference to internet marketing. There is also the tools archive with articles on the best tools for SEO and also articles for the best research keyword tools and also seo tools this archive is 4 pages long. The last in the post categories column is an archive on traffic generation here there are articles on how to generate web traffic to a site, blog page, social media account and page and creating marketing strategies for those pages, it is 5 pages long.

A page is set up for income reports which reveal the monthly income of the blog from how much is earned to how much is spent and there is within a report of activities that happened each month and how the income for the month from the blog was generated.

There is a page set up for marketing tools and listed in that page are the best digital marketing tools for various aspect of internet marketing such as SEO tools, blogging tools, social media tools, content creation tools, email marketing tools, virtual assistant tools, and productivity tools. Also listed are tools used by expert internet marketers on this page.

For those with intent to grow organic rankings and traffic for websites they offer private blog network building certification. Here buyers are taught and shown the benefits of a private blog network such as full control over the network which includes anchor text, authority, link placement and relevance. At the end of the course building your first private network using the latest techniques and methods available would be very possible as each buyer would acquire complete hands on approach working knowledge.

The product after being paid for would provide the buyers access to the various kinds of blogs to avoid at all cost, from how to increase rankings and traffics to budgeting for networks, cheapest way to host network, also how to manage and maintain network and the best hands on strategies to applying links to your sites and how to manage, monitor and maintain your network. This product offers 10 modules which spans over 53 lessons, 39 videos and 6 printable sheets, each student has 6 exams to write through the whole certification as there are 5 smaller module specific exams and 1 final exam at the end of which they would earn the private blog network specialist marketer seal of certification.

My Marketer Seal Final Review

Mathew Woodward Marketer Seal JV Affiliate Info
Mathew Woodward Marketer Seal Certification Diploma.

This Certification Course For Internet Entrepreneurs Get’s My Highest Rating Of  A Perfect 5 Stars

2 Thumbs Way Up- Well Worth The Money.

Mathew Woodwards knowledge is literally priceless.

You Can Get Your Private Blog Network Specialist Certification By Clicking Here And Checking Out Marketing Seal For Yourself.

This course is perfect for anyone who is looking to learn all about the World of search engine optimization from one of the top names in the seo industry, who is kindly sharing his wealth of knowledge that he has gathered in the seo trenches throughout the years.

If you want to learn how to rank your websites or blogs like a seasoned pro, and make more money with your business, then this training course is definitely for you.

I hope you enjoyed my review:)


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