Newbies Want To Make The Really Big Money Online NO B.S Here Is What To Do?

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Newbies Want To Make The Really Big Money Online NO B.S Here Is What To Do? Your Step-By-Step Guide To Speed Up Your Learning Curve.

I am seeing people asking this question over, and over again, from Newbies who are trying to make it in the internet marketing field. After all, you want to make money online as a nice side income, or even a full-time income one day right?

But you do not want to go around chasing pipe dreams buying course, after course, that promises the stars and only delivers on setting you back even more money.

I am gonna make a list of what I do personally and what I am going to be doing more of that I know from personal experience will make you money if you stick with it.

I am going to be recommending a few courses that I have bought, and reviewed, that I know will help you out considerably if you have the money. If you do not no big deal. I know the economy is tough these days you can do all of this on your own it will just take you a little longer.

But a few of these recommendations you absolutely need and they will not set you back much at all trust me. If you want to make it in the internet marketing field you have to spend a little bit of money to get a legitimate online business off the ground and running.

If you cannot perhaps you are in the wrong line of work,  and you need to consider if having your own Internet business is right for you.

Sometimes you need to spend a little bit of money online to make a lot of money online. Internet marketing is a business treat it as such to reap the financial rewards one day.

Be prepared to work, and work hard. Especially at first to build your business. You put effort into your online business now your online business will pay you back tenfold down the line. Lazy people internet marketing @ earning money online is not right for you if your not prepared to work stop reading here and go play on your Facebook page.

Internet marketing and making money online is not easy it does take work. If you’re prepared for a fun challenge keep reading you might learn a thing or two.

I am also going to link to a great post I read on the WarriorForum at the end of this blog post that will expand on the ideas that I am going to cover here.

Let’s Get Started Newbies Do This If You Want To Make The Really Big Money Online Someday – Hopefully Soon!

  • Find a niche that has the potential to make you a lot of money and one that interests you. Tip: If you see a lot of active forums about a particular niche it’s more than likely a profitable niche
  • Monetize your blog, or website, with your own products if you have any. Or affiliate offers, Google adsense ads, or maybe even Kontera like ads for your content. There are tons of great ways to make money with a blog, or website. I personally like Clickbank, Rapbank, Payspree, Digiresults, Commission Junction, or even Amazon if your state is not banned yet lol. Proceed with caution with them these days.
  • Only post 100% unique content to your blog. If you post unoriginal copied content from other websites, or blogs, and pawn it off as your own Google will slap your site big time and you will not rank highly for any keywords in the search engines. P.S. This means less money in your pockets. Do it right or do not do it at all. If you want to learn more about ranking highly in the search engines this course will help you out a lot. If not you can always learn seo on your own it will just take you a lot longer.
  • P.S. Your going to have to build some backlinks to your blog too so your site ranks well in the search engines and potentially makes you some really big money one day.  The higher the competition of your niche the more backlinks you are gonna need to rank well in the serps.
  • Once you get some 100% unique content added to your blog and you have a good base to work with now it is time to drive traffic to this bad boy and hopefully make some money.  You can drive free traffic a number of ways article marketing, seo, blogging, forum posting, press releases, video marketing, blog commenting, social networking, the list goes on and on.
Congratulations you have a solid online business going now lets make the really big money online by ramping things up a bit – continued below.
Don't be this guy learn how to make big money online
This guy was sad and frustrated until he learned how the really big money was made on the internet see what he learned click this picture!

Ramping Up Your New Online Business – This Is How To Potentially Make The Big Money Online

  • Once you have built up a steady stream of traffic to your new blog, or website you need to start an email list a.s.a.p. if you do not its your loss I have mine do you have yours? The majority of the money you will probably make online will be through your email list. I am going to give you a few pointers and make starting your own email list as painless, and cheap as possible.
  • Your next step is too add an aweber lightbox on your site. This works awesome! The Aweber opt-in form will appear on your blog and darken the rest of your page you will get a lot of opt- ins if you have a good freebie you are giving away that has some value.
P.S. Set your lightbox form between 5 -10 seconds to appear on your site this works the best if you are concentrating on building an email list which you definitely should be. 
  • Next I would recommend you make your very own squeeze page telling people about your freebies. I have one set up at that you can take a look at it converts at over 50% I bought the template here for a mere $7.00 and it has made me a lot of money through my opt-ins.
  • I almost forgot if you need a great free ebook to promote and build that list I recommend giving away my ebook the beginners guide to affiliate marketing @ making money online. I give you full permission to give it away or even resell it for a 100% commission. Here is the link to your free ebook to build up your email list. Click here to grab it!
  • After you have built up a list of at least 500 active double opt – in subscribers I would recommend you sign up to a site called safeswaps this adswap site can really bring your listbuilding to the next level. Adswaps are sending a free offer from another internet marketer to your email list in the form of a one time broadcast message.  In exchange they send your free offer to their list. Everyone benefits you get more subscribers and they get more subscribers it is a win,win, situation for everyone involved.
Tip For adswaps: Newbies: Make sure you have a good affiliate program that converts well on your thank you page related to what they signed for. Some of these opt-in subscribers will take you up on this offer and buy through your affiliate link making you some good money in the process.

Take Your Online Earning To The Next Level And Sit Back And Relax And Watch The Money Roll In!

Product Creation: I am just starting to get into product creation besides my free ebooks etc… This is where the really big money is made online. Create your own information product ebook, software, etc… Think of a skill that you have that can benefit people and write a how – to- guide.

  • Submit your free ebook to places like Rapbank, Clickbank, Payspree, or Digiresults. Offer a 100% commission to your affiliates and build a list of buyers from the sales that your affiliates are generating promoting your ebook. You can collect these buying customers email addresses once they purchase your product, and build a list of buyers that can make you money for years to come. This is much better than a freebie seeker list, and much more profitable for you the online entrepreneur.

Just sit back, relax, and let all the affiliates promote your product.  This will earn you money even while your sleeping. Now that is the life!

This great post I found on the Warriorforum explains this in more detail. Here is the link

I have a whole game plan laid out for you to make money online so start taking action!

keep learning, and building your internet business newbies. You will be shocked at what you can really achieve when you put your mind to it! Success is at your fingertips now go out there and grab it!

Please comment below if you enjoyed this post it took me a long time to write it.

I want to make sure my hard work is not in vain. I look forward to all of your comments.

To Your Online Success. And You Finally Starting To Make Money Online. Jay! 

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