Rich Dad Poor Dad How Book Relates To Making Money Online

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Rich Dad Poor Dad How Book Relates To Making Money Online?

I was just going through some old stuff in my bedroom that I had in all essence forgot about when I stumbled on a book titled Rich Dad Poor Dad by Mr. Robert Kiyosaki. I had previously thumbed through it a few years ago but never got to actually read the book cover to cover. Well now was the chance to redeem myself and sit down and take in what I read and how I, and you should apply the Rich Dad Poor Dads philosophies to our everyday lives, and online businesses. Here are the main focal points from Mr. Kiyosaki’s book that really touched a string with me, and made me really think so that’s how they do it?

Residual Income – This is the main point that I personally took from the book that relates to why you, and I do this and that is to earn a residual income. This is what the Rich do they leverage their money and let it work for them, not the other way around. See most everyday people in our typical society exchange their time for a paycheck. Case in point your typical 9 to 5 job. They are not leveraging their time effectively so that their money is working for them.

Working at home with your own online business is using your time effectively, so that your business can run for you on autopilot even when you are not around. That is leveraging your time effectively people. Do the work once and it can reward you for years to come. Can you do that with a normal 9 to 5 job? Let me answer that for you hell no! You work once you get paid once end of story. That is the trap that corporate America has you set in, and it is hard to break out of that vicious cycle!

Residual income programs are thinking rich to be rich. You do not even have to be present to get paid how powerful is that? You can be sleeping and wake up with a huge commission check waiting for you in your affiliate count. Case in point an article you write stays out in cyberspace for years and years and it can be making you money for years and years. You write the article once and it earns you money over and over again generating you a nice residual income. This is just on sample of many I could throw out there but you get the picture.

That is the power of an affiliate, or Internet marketing business, and that is my most valuable lesson I could teach you from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. It is a very good read, and it will change your mental mindset about money and how to think about it for your lifetime.

There are copies available if your interested in reading this book in my Amazon search box below. Just type in Rich Dad Poor Dad and pick yourself up a copy. This is the type of gift that keeps on giving!

To Your New Financial Mindset, Jay!

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