How To Start Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – Complete Affiliate Training

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Here is how to get started as an affiliate marketing for beginners, newbies, or any new online entrepreneur who wants to learn how to promote other peoples physical or digital products in exchange for a commission for every affiliate sale that is generated through your affiliate link.

Physical products are products that you can physically touch and feel and the best affiliate program to get started for beginners would be the Amazon associates program.

Affiliate commissions range from 4 to 12 percent on most affiliate programs that are sold through your affiliate link VIA the Amazon associates program.

The great thing about Amazon is people do not hesitate to buy through Amazon as it is a household name @ Amazon is the master of the upsell.

Meaning if a customer clicks on one of your affiliate links through an Amazon product that you are promoting, and buys 10 different products. ( I am just using this scenario as an example ) then you are paid an affiliate commission on all 10 Amazon products.

Pretty cool to be an Amazon affiliate huh?

Yep, I am a big fan of Amazon myself, as I am an Amazon prime member and I order from them quite frequently just for the convenience of shopping from my home computer.

As you can tell I am also an Amazon associate as you should be as well.

OK, moving on here!

How to get started affiliate marketing with digital products and services.

Digital affiliate products like ebooks, courses, membership sites, software, etc…

For the most part pay a much higher affiliate commission because once the product is created it can be sold over and over again.

So, it does not cost the vendor or product creator of the digital affiliate products that you are promoting anything to give the referring affiliate anywhere from a 50 to a 75% affiliate commission for every affiliate product that is sold through your affiliate link.

Heck, they probably wouldn’t get the sale if it wasn’t for you the crafty affiliate sending leads to there sales page, so they are more than happy to give you the lions share of the profits.

Some affiliate vendors of digital products or services will even pay you the referring affiliate all the way up to a 100% commission on not only the front end product but all the products in the whole funnel.

Which is cool!

But, there is something in it for the vendor as well they will usually have a high ticket offer where they earn 1k commissions on the backend which you wont see a penny for.

But, they will gladly give you 100% commissions on everything else so take the good with the bad it really is a win, win for everyone involved.

I prefer to promote affiliate products that pay 100% commissions on the front end usually and 50% throughout the whole funnel including any commissions on high ticket offers that the vendor has on the backend that could be $100’s if not $1,000’s of dollars.

Some well known affiliate programs that you can sign up that specialize in digital products are JVZoo @ Clickbank that I talked about in the training video for beginning affiliates above.

JVZoo once you refer usually 25 sales you can be set on instant commissions depending on the vendors requirements where you are apid instantly directly to your Paypal account.

Clickbank usually pays bi-weekly and will deposit your money directly into your bank account if you successfully make affiliate sales, and you are in the U.S.A or and 1st World nation that Clickbank allows direct deposits.

For all other countries that do not qualify for direct deposits then you will be mailed a check for your affiliate earnings.

Here is a helpful list of things that you should do a.s.a.p. and some things that I have picked up throughout the years based on my trial @ error as an affiliate marketer.

Take notes on my affiliate tips @ bookmark this blog post for future reference.

Here Is A Quick List Of Things Beginners Need To Do To Get Started With Their New Affiliate Marketing Business:

  1. This is the most important step when it comes to actually starting to make money with affiliate marketing + cutting down on a lot of wasted time and potential profits. Trust me, I wasted years of my time in the beginning trying to figure everything out for myself like a knucklehead! If my brain was completely erased like an new A.I. and reprogrammed I would have invested in affiliate marketing coaching from day 1. This is my recommended affiliate marketing coach click here he has literally earned millions online, and he can help you out a lot to understand and profit from an affiliate marketing business. My advice: Listen to every word he says and take action!
  2. Start a Paypal business account so you can collect your affiliate earnings it is free to do and pretty easy to setup and get started.
  3. Learn the basics of affiliate marketing. I have a great video that shows you how to create an affiliate link, how to cloak your affiliate links, etc…. on my blog post how to make your first sale online as an affiliate on the link directly above.
  4. Figure out if you want to promote physical affiliate programs or digital affiliate programs and signup to my recommended affiliate programs that I talked about above,
  5. Choose a niche that is profitable and interests you so you can stick with it for the long run @ potentially make money online for years to come.
  6. Find affiliate products that are related to your chosen niche that pay well for you to promote as an affiliate.
  7. Start a blog based around your chosen niche that you can use to write unique content and promote your chosen affiliate products and services. I highly recommend a self hosted WordPress blog and I have a great tutorial on how to setup your own blog you can check it out by clicking here.
  8. Start an email list a.s.a.p. once your blog is starting to see some decent traffic because that is where the majority of the money that you make online will come from.
  9. Learn, learn, and then learn some more new ideas and strategies about affiliate marketing because things change on the Internet pretty rapidly, but the basics and fundamentals of building a business always stay the same.
  10. The #1 skill to master based on my 12 years experience as an affiliate is email marketing. Master email marketing and the sky is the limit. Ben Settle look him up I love his emails and he is a master at what he does.
  11. To see any success as a beginner, intermediate, or even advanced affiliate marketer you need #1 thing that equates to cash in your pockets and that is traffic to your affiliate offers. Learn how to drive targeted traffic to your website, blog, and affiliate offers so you can generate affiliate sales for your efforts. Traffic is the lifeblood of any business online or off – So, master it!
  12. Once you have a budget in place and you have the money to spend paid ads or ppc are scalable, and can really take your affiliate business to the next level, once they are returning a profit then the sky is the limit. Bing ads are my personal favorite paid ad source but there are many choices like Google adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, YouTube ads, etc… etc… There are way to many choices to list for paid traffic. Do not worry about ppc or paid ads until way down the road I am just giving you some valuable tips for down the road with your affiliate business. Concentrate on free traffic first to build up your affiliate business, and then paid traffic when the time is right.
  13. Do not be lazy! Money does not fall from trees! If money did fall from trees, I would be out in my front yard with a big ass net lol … In all seriousness affiliate marketing and building any business online or off takes work.
  14. Never give up! You will have your ups and downs as an affiliate marketer and an entrepreneur in general where you will feel like giving up at times. Stick with it, bust your ass in the beginning, and good things will come your way!
  15. Once your affiliate business is seeing success – Maybe even years down the road, start diversifying your portfolio by building new sites, entering new niches, etc… I am not saying jump from one business to another by any means. I am saying once your affiliate business is making good money down the road, start a new business, so all your eggs are not in one basket so to speak. If one business is struggling you always have backup income sources to slow the bleeding.
  16. See; for my in depth guide that shows you how to start affiliate marketing for beginners and get your very first affiliate sale online.

For More Helpful Learning Resources For Beginner Affiliate Marketers I Put Together Some Cool Resources For You:)

( See My Recommended Resources Directly Below This Blog Post )

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Thank you in advance, and I hope you enjoyed my how to get started as an affiliate marketer for beginners video + content to go along with this video.

Good luck on your affiliate marketing journey!


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