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Otter A.I. Review – Talk Into Your Phone And Transcribe Audio To Text In Record Time

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Otter Ai Review Transcribe Audio To Text In Record Time All From Your Mobile Phone With The Otter A.I. App

This is an Otter A.I. Review a Dragon Naturally Speaking killer that has a free app that can be downloaded to your phone and also a desktop version as well.

Otter A.I. is an app that transcribes text into speech that comes with a phone app that you can download easily on your Android device, and probably any other device that you have, there’ll be an app for it.

The otter AI app that you can download. also has a desktop version that you can download and access your otter AI transcriptions, I am actually recording this after a review, using the otter software, and it is a huge, huge, time saver for me being an affiliate marketer and blogger.

So, basically what you do is you download the otter AI software app, then create a username and a password, and when the apps are downloaded which is super simple to do all you do is click the record button.

Where there’s a countdown timer on the recording app that tells you how long you’ve been talking and the words, Whatever you say is transcribed onto your screen in real-time as your talking.

And then when you’re done transcribing. You hit the stop button, and then your whole transcription is uploaded into your app.

Now, what I do is I use the app on my cell phone through Android to record all my transcriptions.

Then I access my transcriptions through my Otter A.I. desktop website.

Then there’s an easy function where you just copy and you can copy your whole transcription, and then I’ll go over to my blog, and then paste the transcription in there, and then edit as I go along.

The great news about the otter A.I. app is that you can literally create 1000s of words of top-notch content, by literally just talking for a half-hour, if you know what to say in advance.

And if you keep talking, you can easily create a 5000-word article is literally a half-hour, Then all you have to do is edit the content if you’re using WordPress, edit your transcription and publish it and you’re good to go.

So, instead of sitting at your keyboard for hours actually typing out everything.

You’re talking to this app called otter AI, and it transcribes every word that you say. And you can see your words being entered accurately on the screen in real-time as you talk.

The Otter A.I. voice transcription software is accurate, as all heck, I’m very impressed with it.

I used to use Dragon Naturally Speaking, but I get sick of putting on the headphones and then launching the software which takes forever to launch it does work well, but it’s just too buggy in my opinion, and I do not like wearing the headphones if I do not have to.

If I can sit there and hit a button from an app on my phone and start talking into it, and every word that I say is published on the screen in real-time that I can then transcribe and send to a friend if I want to if you have another friend that has an otter a.i account you can send your transcription to them.

The Otter A.I. transcription app is perfect for business people that are having meetings, it’s absolutely perfect for internet marketers affiliate marketers, and bloggers who want to quickly create high-value articles in record time.

Otter A.I. Review So, Here’s How The Otter A.I. Software APP Works

You can download the app, and it is free to use which is awesome.

You get 600 minutes of talk time for free every single month.

And literally, I don’t think I’ll use any more than that.

There is also a pro plan that you can get, where you get 6000 minutes and you get a bunch of extra add ons that are very helpful, where you can download your otter AI transcriptions, in various formats.

That will only cost like $8 a month for the Otter A.I. Pro Plan, which is well worth it if you’re going to use it a lot, I mean this it’s super cheap and it works extremely, extremely well in my opinion.

Otter A.I android phone app is my new favorite internet marketing tool that’s gonna help my content market marketing tremendously for my affiliate marketing business.

But, most people are just going to need the free plan.

But if you want the extra function functionality that comes with it go with the Pro Plan, I mean it’s only $8 a month I think it’s under $100 a year, and you get up to 6000 minutes if you’re going to be doing a lot of talking or a lot of content marketing.

The Otter A.I voice transcription software is literally a must-have if you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, or internet marketer.

The Otter AI transcription voice recording app is going to save you a ton of time, and potentially make you a lot of money, because it can literally 10 x your productivity when it comes to your content marketing.

Like I said this is my new favorite tool for internet marketing, and I’ve created about four to five 5000 word blog posts in the last couple of weeks since I’ve had the Otter a.i. software downloaded on my phone, and it is truly truly a time saver.

What I like to do when I’m using otter AI is when I’m making a blog post or creating a blog post.

For Example, I’ll draw a format to know what I’m talking about, like heading one.


Plumbers Rockford, IL

Say for example this post will be heading one, either Otter AI review how this A.I. transcription software has 10 x my content writing capabilities.

Otter A.I. Review The Final Verdict

I give this five stars because it saves me a tremendous amount of time.

The words are extremely accurate to come on the screen.

I very, very rarely see any errors, the only downside I do have with the Otter A.I. apps free plan is you do have to clean up the text a little bit like it will break up the lines because sometimes the audio that is being transcribed on the Apps screen depending on how you’re talking.

Which will go like, you know, you’ll have like four or five lines and maybe you only want one line you kind of got to break them up, but you can easily edit all that content afterward when you transfer your content over from the otter AI software to your blog or website.

That is literally the only little beef I have with the Otter A.I. app and that’s very, very minor.

Other than that, this is extremely efficient software that I can’t recommend highly enough.

I am not even getting paid a commission for doing this blog post, just wanted to get the word out, that the otter AI transcription software is a must-have for any business person, entrepreneur, internet marketer affiliate marketer, or blogger who wants to increase their content marketing by 10 x in a record amount of time, by simply just talking into your phone.

Check out the Otter A.I. software below for free.

I’ll leave a link below. Let me know what you think?

I know I love it, Do you?

P.S. I do not think I will ever go back to Dragon Naturally speaking, the Otter A.I. software is free, just as accurate, and you do not have to wear those ridiculous headphones.

Click Here To Signup For Free And Get The Otter A.I. Transcription App Downloaded To Your Phone And 10x Your Productivity For Free.

See you in my next blog post.

Let’s hear your Otter A.I. reviews below.

Has the Otter app 10x your productivity when it comes to your content marketing?

Otter A.I. gets 2 thumbs up and it will be permanently installed on my cell phone when I am planning on creating content for one of my blogs.

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