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Having Trouble Making Money As An Online Marketer? Here Are 8 Reasons Why And Tips On How To Fix Your Problem!

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If your online marketing efforts aren’t panning out the way you thought or planned they would, some of the following reasons might be why:


1) Marketing type: Pay per click (PPC)


Why it’s not working: Could be because you haven’t quite wrapped your head around how certain PPC platforms work, the most famous being Google Adwords. Admittedly it’s not the easiest to use initially, but if you go in there not quite understanding how it works, then you might not get the results you want, plus lose money in the process.


Other possible reasons: you haven’t done the proper keyword research for what you’re promoting, or you haven’t written advertising copy that’s hot/persuasive enough to get someone to actually want to click your ad. Should someone click on your ad, what site/blog are you sending them to and how does it look? Is the copy just as persuasive and does it address your target market?


2) Marketing type: Blogging


Why it’s not working for you: Blogging can be a great communication and promotional tool if used well. However, you might find it not working for you if your blogging is inconsistent. It’s not really about frequency (posting several times a week) as it is about having a set pattern to when you post. So by all means, post several times a week, once a week or even once every two weeks, but try and stick to a schedule, so that your readers get used to the rhythm of when you post.


Another reason why blogging mightn’t be working for you: writing content that doesn’t connect with the reader/draw them in.


What works well – example: Darren Rowse at pretty much updates his blog every day. There isn’t a day you visit his blog where there isn’t a new post. It’s what his readers have grown used to. There are a lot of guest posts on his blog, which probably helps him better manage the post frequency.


3) Marketing type: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)


Why it’s not working: SEO can be a science in itself, an art form, a language. The more it’s mastered, the better it can be applied, the better the consequent results of having applied it. If it’s implemented under a haze of not really knowing what’s what, and if this is you, then it might be why your site/blog isn’t shimmying up the search engine ranks at the pace you’d like or why it’s not moving at all (or moving backwards). Do your keywords pack a good punch? Are your titles and tags being used well? Is the content on your site dormant and hardly ever updated?


4) Marketing type: Social Media Marketing


Why it’s not working: Might be because you’re yet to embrace the ‘social’ in social media. Perhaps, for whatever social media platform you’re using, you’re more focused on promoting than fostering discussion, having conversations, building relationships. And maybe to some, perhaps many, it’s off-putting. They’re less likely to listen, to buy into what you’re marketing.


It could also be because you’re not honing in on the type of people who might be interested in what you’re bringing to the table.


What works well – example: Again using Darren Rowse, on his Twitter page, he tweets about himself, how he’s feeling, what he’s doing. His tweets are occasionally interspersed with the promotional, but even when he’s promoting, it doesn’t come across as such; it’s quite soft, still has his personality in it, involves people.


5) Marketing type: Web Directories


Why it’s not working: perhaps you’re registering your site/blog in just a couple of directories – or on other hand, too many. Or maybe you’re not aiming for the top/popular ones. Could it be the blurb you’ve submitted with it isn’t concise enough, targeted enough? Or maybe your business falls into more than one category/subcategory in the directory and you haven’t made a submission to some of those.


6) Marketing type: Email Marketing


Why it’s not working: Your average Joanna Blogg is probably subscribed to several newsletters — factor in other emails she gets in her inbox, not to mention spam. That’s hundreds of emails a week. It’s one thing to subscribe to a newsletter. It’s another for the subscriber to actually read it. That’s the tide you’re swimming against.


Email marketing might not be working so much for you for a number of reasons: your subject line mightn’t be catchy/memorable — or the body of your email isn’t. Or it might be too long. Or not personable. Or it might be too salesy (promoting something in most of your emails).


What works well – example: Tim Marston runs a website that teaches artists how to sell themselves – You can subscribe to his newsletter which he sends out once or twice a week. His newsletters are usually just the right length – not too long, not too short, and then within it, he points to a link to a blog post you can read. His newsletters always come from the angle of wanting to help, whether or not you buy his book. You benefit from the knowledge he shares in his newsletters regardless.


7) Marketing type: Article Marketing


Why it’s not working: perhaps you’re not incorporating popular keywords for your target market into the article (or you’re incorporating too many). Or you’re not offering enough value in the content itself to make the reader want to find out more and visit your site. Could also be you need a clearer call-to-action to encourage a reader to click on the link to your site.


8) Marketing type: Video Marketing


Why it’s not working: Maybe the title of your video isn’t catchy or your video’s too long and is better consumed as a series of bite-sized videos. Are you reading from a script? That can automatically cut back on the connection/rapport between you and the viewer — you’re talking to them, but you’re not looking at them.


Also, perhaps you’re not placing your video on other platforms besides YouTube. YouTube gets the lion’s share of the popularity vote, but there are other places such as Vimeo and Ustream, where some of your target audience might be.


What works well – example: Pat Flynn of He tends to be down-to-earth in his videos, even when he’s teaching something. He looks approachable. He looks like he’s talking to you and only you. His body language is pretty relaxed. He talks to you, not at you.


The examples shown – they had to start somewhere. They didn’t get to where they are without trial and error. So the great thing is wherever you are on the online marketing-vs-results spectrum, whatever’s not working, you can do something about it, experiment, find what works for you.


Good luck.


This guest post was contributed by Datadial Ltd; a London Web Agency specialising in web design & development, online marketing (SEO) and email marketing.

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