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Earn Cash – Make Money Online – A Beginners Tutorial For Article Marketing

So you want to earn a little extra money writing articles and fast? Thinking about article directories? Smart move.  Submitting quality articles to article directories is one of the fastest ways online to earn some good money for beginners, intermediate, and seasoned professionals. Why? The answer is simple – major article directories receive a lot of search engine love, and they rank extremely high in the search engines.

Why do article directories rank highly? Most of them are authority websites which carry a high pagerank. For you beginners out there pagerank is Googles ranking system of how important a website is.  It is a rather complicated system to say the least. But I will break it down for you the best I can.

Google ranks websites, or blogs based on how many links are pointing at that particular website in a nutshell. Their is more too it but that is the main meat and potatoes. The more inbound, and outbound links to quality sites a website, or blog, has the higher the page rank will be. Google ranks websites on a scale from 0-10 0 being the lowest and 10 being the highest. The higher the pagerank,, the higher your article will rank in the search engines basically. But do not forget to sprinkle your keywords in your content, and title, to grab those first page rankings to earn some easy cash online.

What Article Directories Should I Submit To My Favorite Money Makers?

If your an online affiliate, or Internet marketer, and your trying to earn some fast cash with your articles here are a few that will be well worth your time.

1. Ezinearticles – They are the kings of all the articles directories out there. Highest Alexa ranking, online traffic, and the top choice for Internet marketers worldwide. One is hot on their trail, and is catching up rapidly though. The one downfall is the wait time you have to wait 2-5 days to get your articles approved which sucks. But hey, if you want to earn some money with your articles

2. – This article directory is easy to submit to and has a high Google page rank. This is my personal favorite because your articles are approved instantly. No waiting 2-5 days like which I really like about this directory. and are the 2 best article directories out there to earn some good money with. Especially if you are an online affiliate marketer. Every article you write will have an advantage right out of the gate, and that is your article will carry their super high pagerank with it which will shoot it up the search engines fast. These are the top 2 you should always submit your articles too first.

3. – This is another decent one, but not my favorite. I use them mostly for gaining good quality backlinks with. They do have a nice juicy pagerank, so please add them to your arsenal too.  Submitting articles to quality article directories will get your website, or blog, more quality backlinks so your website can eventually have a nice page rank of its own. Pagerank is not everything – but it does help out a great deal, if you want to earn a full time income online one day.

My Favorite Web 2.0 Website That Earns Me Great Money Online – This website rocks you can add up to 2 affiliate links to every hub you publish. You can also add your Google adsense account to your hubpages account where you will get paid every time a visitor to your hub clicks on one of your Google adsense links. Another  great way to earn money is to add Amazon ads to each one of your hubs, and if someone purchases something through Amazon through your affiliate links you will earn a commission. 3 revenue streams for each hub makes Hubpages my absolute favorite online money maker. I have done pretty well by placing a few Clickbank affiliate links on each hub that I write, related to whatever my hub is based around. Hubpages is an excellent way to earn residual income. The more hubs you write the more money you can make. Hubpages is a great money maker to say the least. Use them!

Here is a good list for beginners of some other article directories that you can submit too. Source:

URL Alexa
No Follow
1. 130 6
2. 394 6 NF!
3. 660 7
4. 990 5
5. 1,799 6
6. 1,825 6
7. 1,941 4 NF!
8. 2,633 5
9. 2,796 5 NF!
10. 3,469 3
11. 3,904 6
12. 4,402 2
13. 4,955 5 NF!
14. 5,708 3
15. 5,774 5 NF!
16. 6,349 5
17. 6,410 5
18. 6,791 5 NF!
19. 6,930 6
20. 7,810 0
21. 8,380 4
22. 9,980 3
23. 10,509 3
24. 10,586 5
25. 11,325 0
26. 11,382 0
27. 11,550 3
28. 11,595 5
29. 11,728 4
30. 12,052 3
31. 12,224 3
32. 12,499 2
33. 12,884 4
34. 14,564 3
35. 15,169 4
36. 15,368 3
37. 15,988 2
38. 16,730 5
39. 18,074 4
40. 18,135 5
41. 18,476 0
42. 19,281 3
43. 19,283 2
44. 19,739 4
45. 21,186 0
46. 21,405 4
47. 22,459 4 NF!
48. 22,685 3
49. 22,915 3
50. 23,498 0

If You would like 100,000 pre-written articles that you can submit to the article directories I also bought these recently they should help you out a lot. Tons of different niches, really good articles for the best price I have found online so far. Use these they will help you earn some extra cash.  Click here to check out these pre-written Plr articles.

To Your Online Success Entrepreneurs, Jay!

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