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Reviewed By jayorban - Rating : 5.0
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This Is Going To Be A Review Of A Product That I Got Review Access To Called Outsource Explosion.

I am in a point with my business where I want to outsource virtually everything that wastes a ton of my time.

I have been an affiliate marketer and online entrepreneur for ten years now, and I use Fiverr like it is going out of style;)

Fiverr is one of many outsourcing sites that will be explained  in the Outsource Explosion strategy guides that I am reviewing directly below.

Mandy Allen ( very nice lady BTW ) who is one of the two creators of this course, approached me and asked if i would be willing to do an unbiased review of her course.

I said yeah no problem Mandy I can do that for you.

Not a problem.

Since outsourcing is something that I have been doing for a while, and plan on doing a lot more in the coming weeks.

I am hiring a virtual assistant;) so outsourcing is something that interests me.

Outsourcing is interesting it can free up your time, scale your business, and make you a ton of cash if your doing it correctly.

Think about it when was the last time you seen the CEO of a company doing menial work?

Let me answer that for you.

Ummmmm never!

They have employees for that, and that is how businesses scale into the big bucks.

Think of it the same way with your online business and outsourcing.


Here is what I found out, and what is contained in the Outsource Explosion course.


These Are The Core Products That You Will Have Access To If You Buy Outsource Explosion


Guide 1: This is called Introduction to outsourcing –  This guide covers the basics of outsourcing, what the creators of outsource explosion outsource in there business on a daily basis etc…

You will also meet the creators of the course as they tell you about themselves in there author bio sections.


Guide 2: This is called Fiverr outsourcing – I personally have spent thousands and thousands of dollars outsourcing menial tasks for my business that I do not want to do, or I do not know how to do.

Fiverr is money very well spent if you know what gigs to buy and where to look.

This guide shows you the the how too’s of Fiverr.

This is a handy little guide on what you can really do with outsourcing on Fiverr.


Guide 3: Advanced Outsourcing – I really liked this guide.

There was one particular tip inside this guide where I was like ahaaaa the lightbulb moment:) It cannot be that easy can it I was thinking to myself;)  Well, actually it can be and they show you how to accomplish it inside this strategy guide.

P.S. I will be applying it starting immediately once I find and outsource someone new to basically run my business, so I can concentrate on the tasks that directly correlate into profit for my business.

Sending money making emails mainly;)


Guide 4: Outsource Profit Plans – This strategy guide had some excellent tips that actually goes into depth on outsourcing, and a few really cool strategies that the creators of Outsourcing Explosion use themselves that are viable, and work that they use for making money online with there own businesses.

These tips here are worth the $7 bucks and then some if you are serious about outsourcing.

This guide was a really good read!


Final Review Of Outsource Explosion


I really do not have anything bad to say about Outsource Explosions though I wish I did;) for $7 bucks you are getting 5 guide books that are well put together, and easy on the eyes the font that they used in the ebooks is nice and large so there will not be a problem straining to read the material inside the strategy guides.

The members area is very professional looking and well put together.

There is even a tutorial video where Mandy Allen shows you where to access your downloads and how to use the site.

This was a nice personalized touch for new members that I liked.

Back to my review.

Good info, and for $7 bucks you can’t beat the price.

There are a few optional upgrades with Outsource Explosion that look very worthwhile, but I have not reviewed the upsells just the main product.

So, that would be your choice on if you wanted to upgrade your Outsource Explosion account or not.

Final Review: 5 Stars For Outsource Explosion for $7 bucks you simply cannot go wrong.

Great info for any smart entrepreneur who realizes the potential of outsourcing and growing there businesses on autopilot.

If you want to check out Outsource Explosion for yourself click here.


Affiliates JV Page For Outsource Explosion


I am extremely impressed with the jvpage for Outsource Explosion they have everything that you could possibly need to promote this product effectively.

When I mean everything, they literally have everything.

The JV page is really awesome and very well put together.

From banners, articles, graphics, ppc keywords, product review, bonus templates, video reviews, email @ forum premade signatures etc… etc….

They literally have it all to make your affiliate promotions a lot easier for you.

You can access the JV page for Outsource Explosion by clicking here.

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