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Commission Junction HomepageHow To Make Money With The Commission Junction Affiliate Program?

This blog post is going to be reviewing a long time affiliate program in the affiliate marketing industry Commission Junction. You can make money as an affiliate promoting any of their products, or services in Commission Junction’s affiliate database.

Fact: Commission Junction has been around since 1998 where it was founded in Santa Barbara, California

Fact: Commission Junction has grown to be the largest, and most well respected affiliate programs in North America.

Fact: Commission Junction is owned by a company called Valueclick

Fact: Commission Junction has a lot of fortune 500 companies for an affiliate to promote like Godaddy, Norton, Verizon wireless, Geico, Yahoo Affiliate Program, Payday Loans, Liberty Mutual, as well as countless other big companies.

Getting Started With Commission Junction

  Pick which one you are a publisher, advertiser, agency, or affiliate network. Choose the correct stick man and move on to step 2. Tip: If your just looking to promote some products as an affiliate marketer choose the publisher option.

Choose your native language, your home Country, and the currency you use like The U.S Dollar, Euro, Canadian Dollar, GBP, RMB or Chinese Yuan, as well as Swedish, Czech, Polish, South African, or Danish currency.

  Agree to Commission Junction’s terms of service, or their affiliate agreement.

  Enter your website, or companies details if you have one.

  Enter all your personal information, so they know where to send your checks if you make any affiliate commissions promoting any products through their network.

Ok You Should Be Signed Up And Ready To Find Some Quality Affiliate Programs To Promote

Finding Products To Promote On The Commission Junction Affiliate Network

pic cj product marketplace








  Once you are signed up you go through the categories inside your Commission Junction control panel and apply to the affiliate programs that interest you.

  Once you are approved to promote the procducts, or services that you applied to promote as an affiliate etc.. ( Some Are Instant Approval Others Are Manual Approval From The Merchant ) You will be provided with all your internet marketing materials such as various banner ads, and text links. Choose your marketing tools and place them on your website, social networks, email list, or however else you wish to promote your affiliate programs. Note: Make sure you read the publisher agreements so you know how you can promote each individual product. Such as: What internet marketing tactics the merchants allow, and which internet marketing strategies they do not!


cj what I like

Things I like about commission junction

What I Like About The Commission Junction Affiliate Program?

  They do pay for the affiliate commissions that you earn so they are reliable.

  Commission Junction has been around since 1998 so they are well established, and respected in the affiliate marketing industry.

  Commission Junction has a ton of quality products, and services that you can promote as an affiliate from some well known respected companies.

  Most vendors that you get approved to promote have an extensive variety of banners, and text links that you can use to promote their offers. ( There is no shortage of marketing materials so this makes life a lot easier for us affiliates.

They are U.S.A. based so getting your affiliate checks by mail is a little quicker if your based in the U.S.A.


What I dislike About Commission Junction

What I Do Not Like About Commission Junction?

  Payouts are $100 minimum before they will cut a check. AffiliateTip: Find high paying affiliate programs that pay $100 plus per successful sale that you generate to them, and all you will have to do is sell one thing that month to get paid. Obviously you will be striving for more, but at least you will not have to make many sales before you are eligible for a check.

  Commission Junction does not have an option to be paid by Paypal which I do not like. Payouts are made monthly by check, or wire transfer if you are in the countries that are approved for option number 2. See and lookup payment options to learn more.

The dashboard inside the Commission Junction control panel can be confusing if your a newbie to affiliate, or internet marketing in general.

  Commission Junction’s text links are pretty confusing if your trying to recommend a product through a blog post, or your website. The banners are pretty cut @ dry just copy and paste the HTML code, but the text links are a bit old school, and could be a bit more newbie friendly for people new to internet marketing.


Tips To Make More Money Using Commission Junction

Tips To Make Money With Commission Junction

  Find high paying affiliate programs from reputable companies. I personally like to promote various webhosts because the affiliate payouts are high usually a $100 dollars a sale. But I am an experienced marketer, so keep that in mind if your just starting out as an affiliate. The competition in the webhosting niche is very competitive, but at the same time, there are tons of other high paying affiliate products, or services that you can promote just by browsing the affiliate marketplace.

  If your an Amazon affiliate commission junction can be a nice 2nd affiliate network if you are looking for some high quality services to promote in addition to your physical products.

  I use the CJ affiliate network in addition to my other affiliate programs that I use like Clickbank, Rapbank, Payspree, JVZoo, and Warriorplus. I never keep all my eggs in one basket, they could break, and then your screwed lol.


My Final Review Of The Commission Junction Affiliate Program


  3.5 stars out of 5 possible stars

CJ is a good affiliate network, with some quality products that you can make money promoting, even with the few drawbacks that I have found in my review.

Commission Junction as a whole is still very well worth signing up for, finding some quality products to promote, so you can increase your online revenues.


Let Me Here Your Commission Junction Reviews Below. What Are Your Experiences With Them?




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