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instant online profits review

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Is Instant Online Profits A Scam? Why Alex Shelton Should Be Thrown In Jail?

Due to numerous complaints from people emailing me from customers who bought the Instant Online Profits course this review was necessary to warn people about a scam being run by self proclaimed guru Alex Shelton.

Instant Online Profits is a make money online training course that is taught by 20 year old internet marketer Alex Shelton ( See blinking banner to the right! ).

Alex brags about living over seas in exotic places like Thailand, and various other exotic destinations around the World making a ton of money online  24 hours a day 7 days a week.

( He is living every internet marketers dream in the sales page! ) Sounds good right?


Alex promises to teach you to do the same for a $1 trial for your first week and $67 a month thereafter if you continue with your Instant Online Profits membership!

The course itself is actually pretty good, but the character of the young guy behind the course ( Alex Shelton ) has really come into question!


Why You Should Stay Away From Instant Online Profits And Alex Shelton Period! 

  Alex Shelton does not return any emails from affiliates or customers of his course Instant Online Profits.

Business Lesson 1 Alex: No matter ho much money you make you always treat your paying customers like Gold! That constitutes returning an email from customers who have emailed you numerous times trying to contact you. Now I realize this may inconvenience you from sailing the seven seas but it will keep your customers happy, and your reputation clean so you can make even more money in the future:) Wow who would of known! You can even hire someone to return those pesky emails for you!

  I myself have sent Alex numerous messages within the last month within the dashboard of the Instant Online Profits affiliate area with no response, as well as trying to contact him through the Warriorforum by private messaging him on 2 separate occasions with no response.

  I have also had 3 complaints VIA my email from people who have paid to become members of Instant Online Profits who cannot get a refund, and who do not get replies from the messages they send to Alex Shelton as well!

( No Big Shocker There Alex Must Have A Fear Of Email! )

Affiliates beware as well! Do not promote Instant Online Profits! I am owed $700 for mistakenly referring this course as an affiliate ( My apologies to everyone I did not realize this guy would vanish like a ship into the night. )


Buyer Beware:

I do not expect to be paid at this point but I wanted to warn potential affiliates as well as people looking to pay a monthly fee for the Instant Online Profits make money online training course to stay far away from this course. It is a matter of principle to me now, and I could care less about the affiliate commissions owed to me. Letting people know what they are getting into is sufficient enough payment for me.

I was weary about promoting Instant Online Profits from the get – go because it is not a part of a major affiliate network like Clickbank, JVZoo, Rapbank, Etc… The major affiliate networks are there for a reason to protect the buyer, and the seller of a product with sales, refunds, etc.. ( And you know you will get paid if you sell something through a major affiliate network like Clickbank! )

Alex Shelton’s Instant Online Profits was setup all by it’s lonely aside from any major affiliate network because Alex has a few goals.


What Alex Shelton And The Instant Online Profits Scam Offers You The Paying Customer?

  Alex promises to take your hard earned money. ( Goal 1 He Scores! )

  Alex promises to not pay you if you are an affiliate of his Instant Online Profits course and he owes you hundreds of dollars. ( Goal 2 He Scores! Thanks for the hard work suckers:) ) I am speaking for him not me BTW!

  Alex promises to never answer any of your emails because he is too busy hanging out with sexy Thai women, and getting his tan on, while spending your hard earned money in the process:( ( Goal 3: Mission accomplished he scores again! )




Have You Been Scammed By Alex Shelton?

Hopefully someone will plant drugs on him in Thailand and we will see him famous in another way on locked up abroad … Do onto others as you would have done on to you Alex:) What comes around goes around!

Ripping people off is not a good business model any way you look at it!


Final Review Of Instant Online Profits

Stay far, far, away from Alex Shelton and his Instant Online Profits course there are a lot of other great courses that will teach you to make money online with excellent customer service!


I would love to hear your reviews of Instant Online Profits below:)


Review Instant Online Profits Alex Shelton Scam

Future picture of Alex Shelton Being arrested for scamming people!
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