5 PPC Mistakes That Lost Me $1,000 In Less Than An Hour!

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One of the fastest ways to grow your
s is through pay per click marketing. It’s also the fastest way to
drain your bank account. I wanted to share with you how I lost over
in less than an hour because I made these mistakes.

It’s funny, most people if they lost that much money on paid marketing would
immediately throw in the towel and call it quits…

Call me crazy, but I learned some valuable lessons from those
mistakes and I was stoked to invest more into ppc advertising!

Before I share the massive errors in judgement with you…

Why paid marketing anyway? Why not free marketing strategies like video seo, or Blogging or social media? Simply put paid
marketing is a reliable, consistent and scalable source that can take your business
to the next level in less time than any free strategy period!

Don’t make these mistakes…

Not Knowing What A New Customer Is Worth


When I dove into my first campaign I had no clue what a customer was worth to my
business. I was spending way more than I should, but it allowed me to take a better
look at my numbers. So lets just say for example you have a front end product your
selling for $100 and it converts at 3%. That means you are going to need 33 leads to
make one sale and you can spend up to $3 per lead and break even. By building you list
of buyers and prospects for free then you can sell them higher ticket products on
the back end of you funnel and make some serious profits.


Sending PPC Leads Straight To Your Sales Page


Big mistake! I was linking directly to the sales page. Let’s face it most of the
most of the people you get from paid ad’s aren’t ready to buy right now. Their not
exactly searching for you. Make sure you send all your paid traffic and free in my
opinion to a landing page where you collect at least their email address so you can
follow up with them. You’ve probably heard the money’s in the list. Make sure you
are always building your list. That is your only asset online. Your business or
product could change tomorrow and if you have a loyal base of subscribers you can
make a six figure income in very little time as long as you treat your subscribers
like family.

Targeting The Wrong Keywords


Targeting too broad keywords will end up costing you a small fortune. Lets say your
in the work from home niche. You don’t want to make the mistake of targeting broad
keywords like “work from home” or “network marketing”. Everyone and their grandma is
bidding on those which will drive up your cost per click. Instead dive deeper using
a cool tool, Facebook Insights allows you to find out what people in your
niche like to do. It will share with you the books they read, people they follow,
what they like to buy, age, gender… everything… it’s kinda scary but incredibly
powerful for finding untapped keywords that convert like crazy.


Not Split Testing


I wasn’t split testing anything. If you’re not split testing your not a marketer.
When you set up your campaigns always split test. Only do one at a time so you can
see what gets you the best conversions. Test the head lines of your ads, the images,
ad copy, and of course your landing pages. Just a small increase can get you a better lead
conversion. That’s more leads and more sales without spending a dime more!


Going Too Big


I went crazy off the bat. I didn’t set a daily budget and that’s what blew through
so much money, so quickly. Now I set all my daily budgets around $5-10 to test small.
I then split test and find the best converting ads. When I find a winner that’s when
I scale it up!

I hope you can learn from my mistakes and save yourself thousands of dollars. Now
it’s time to take massive action and go place your first ad today!

Let me know your personal experience with ppc good or bad in the comments below…

I want to thank Matt Insardi for sharing. He is an expert on traffic and conversions
using both paid strategies and these blogging tips for beginners. He shares more tips and tricks over
on Facebook.



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