Affiliate Marketing Training – How To Make My First Commission Check? Answer Too A Struggling Newbie

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Affiliate Marketing Training
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Affiliate Marketing Training – How To Make My First Commission Check? Answer Too A Struggling Newbie….

This is an email I received today from a struggling affiliate marketer who is just starting out. I realize a lot of beginners are suffering from information overload, and do not know how to get started as an affiliate marketer?

I know how it feels, I have been there in the past when I was just a beginner to affiliate marketing myself. I have answered your email below.

I have also made a 20 minute affiliate marketing training video explaining in detail how to get your feet wet in the affiliate marketing world?

Please read this post in it’s entirety if your looking to get started as an affiliate marketer.

This post, and video will help you make your first affiliate commission. Enjoy!

Email from a blog reader who wants to learn how to make money online: And my response on what he should do starting out as an affiliate marketer?


Hi Jay,

I'm just getting started on the affiliate marketing trail.  I've found some really
good advice on your web page and videos so far.  I've been thinking about a niche
since almost everything I've read has said this is very important to focus your
marketing efforts.  I'm starting to lean towards gaming since I am somewhat of an
avid gamer.  This is an industry that interests me so it should be easy to keep up
to speed on the current events.  Plus it would be fun to try out products making
reviews and articles easy to write.

What I have not been able to do is figure out the best way to actually start.  I
don't have a ton of money to invest (why I'm looking into this) but that doesen't
mean I am unwilling to spend a little to test the waters.  From what I can tell the
easiest way to for me to get started would be to join usfreeads (or similar) at a
premium membership level and start trying out different ads and products.  Do you
think this is a decent way to begin?  Since I don't have a website/blog this seems
to be one easy way I can get my feet wet.  My plan is eventually to write articles,
have a blog/website, videos, etc... all linking to my page/each other (however that

Say I go with usfreeads, what are your recommendations for making an actual ad?  How
many ads do you suggest I place a day/week to start seeing traffic/sales?  Since you
seem up to speed on everything, do you have any ideas of other sites where I can be
an affiliate marketer for gaming?

My problem is that there is a ton of information out there telling you what to do
and where to go but nothing truly describing the step to constructing an actual ad
and what gets attention.

I just sort of spit this email out so it my be a little confusing and I'm sure I'll
have more questions.  I think it's a great thing you are doing helping people get
started on a business of their own, keep up the good work!



My response to Alec:

Hi Alec if you have a little money to invest I am sending an email out today
watch the video it's a really great product I actually wish I had
something like this when I started 5 years ago.
My recommended make money online training course

I took the long road self taught which I am proud of but it took me a lot
longer then if I had a mentor in the beginning.

I started 5 plus years ago on U.S.freeads doing bum marketing. I actually
made my first sale through them. A premium membership is $10 dollars a
month it is not a magical pill. But it will get you feet wet and hopefully
make a few sales also try backpage as well. Here is a link to one of my
popular ads I have had on there for a few years model yours after it

Tip: post a good affiliate product in a category and high populated city
L.A. Chicago, N.Y.C, etc... you get the point. It is relatively cheap for a
sponsored ad on backpage. Spend a few bucks and you can usually get a few sales
if your slick about it.

Once you start making a few sales u.sfreeads, backpage, etc.... Start a
blog in a niche that interests you, and pick a keyword rich domain name

Due your keyword research with the Google adwords keyword tool it is free.

I also have some recommendations in my email signature your definitely
going to want to learn seo if you have a few bucks to spare check out my
recommendations to speed up your learning curve.
These seo courses are all by Sean Donahue who makes millions online. ( Very High Quality Training Courses )
Beginners seo training course
Advanced seo training course

If you do not ( no biggie ) I know the economy's rough just learn seo on
your own. It will just take you longer. But seo is critical for free
traffic from the search engines so get a jumpstart on it a.s.a.p.

Final tip: Start an email list as soon as possible once your blog starts
getting some traffic the money is going to be in your email list.

I hope this helps, please recommend my blog to a friend I would appreciate

Good luck, and stick with it be persistent! Good things come to those who wait!
My favorite motivational quote: There is nothing like a dream to create the future.
I have this sitting on my desk in my home office for motivation!

My 20 minute Video response in detail. Please watch if your new to affiliate marketing. This is how to get your first affiliate sales. Your affiliate marketing training. What to do @ getting started online?

Please comment below if this blog post helped you make money online.

To Your Online Success, Jay!

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