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Animoto Review See How It Works? And What I Found Out?

I am going to be doing a review of a cool website I came across a few weeks ago. I actually seen a few other internet marketers using Animoto for their sales video’s for their new product releases, and they looked really good! So I decided to give them a try.

First off what is Animoto exactly? Animoto is a cool website where you can produce quality video’s that remind me of Hollywood movie trailers. When done right! You can produce some really high quality video’s through this service.

Here is an example of the sales video for my new course Jay’s Blogging For Cash Affiliate Training directly below made through Animoto’s service press play:

P.S. let me know what you think of my video in the comment sections below Ii hope your a fan of the movie Rocky lol who doesn’t love that movie very inspirational!

It is a cool video, and I always loved the song ” The eye of the Tiger ” by Glass Tiger!

So what do you think? Pretty cool huh? Did it get you pumped up? I hope so that was the video’s intention!

Like I said this sales video was made exclusively through Animoto, and it was very easy to put together which was a big plus!

So How Does Animoto Work?

Animoto Review Animoto Add your favorite pictures inside the Animoto control panel when you are making your video. You can rearrange them as you seem fit to get it just right.

Animoto Review Animoto Add the text that you want to appear. Your text will show up in your Animoto video before or after your pictures, depending on how you arrange your pictures, and text.

Animoto Review Animoto Add the music of your choice. This is cool! Just find a good song that you want playing inside your Animoto video, then upload it when you are creating your video and watch the magic begin.

Animoto Review Animoto When you are finished adding pictures, text, and music, hit preview video and make sure everything is how you want it. If the video looks good hit produce, and Animoto will produce your cool new video in under a minute.

Animoto Review Animoto Share your new Animoto video through social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc… You can also copy and paste the HTML code on your blog, website, or sales page, however you plan to use your Animoto video’s the choice is always yours!

What Are The Animoto Plans Available To Choose From?

Screenshot Animotos Pricing Plans
Animoto Pricing Plans @ Services

My Final Review Of Animoto?

I purchased the $30 dollar a year plan to make my sales video for my new product release, but I think I will upgrade to the business plan in the very near future. The reason why is I am going to have a lot of uses for Animoto’s software in the very near future.


“Jay’s Final Animoto Review?…”

Animoto makes creating top notch sales video’s, video presentations, a breeze! Or just use the service for fun to impress your friends, and family.

Whatever your needs may be if you want to create the coolest video’s on the planet for dirt cheap give this service a try.

My Final Review: Animoto gets a perfect 5 star rating from me for quality, and price. You really cannot find another service that compares for the money!

Animoto Review Animoto

Jason Orban

Rating: Animoto Review AnimotoAnimoto Review AnimotoAnimoto Review AnimotoAnimoto Review AnimotoAnimoto Review Animoto


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