Global Domains International Review – Is GDI A Scam?

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G.D.I Scam Review
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Global Domains International Review -Is GDI  A Scam? Here Is What I Think

Can you really make money by promoting GDI? Is it worth your time, and effort? Global Domains International was established in 1999 as it states on their website so they have been around a while. G.D.I. is one of the fastest growing opportunites on the Internet today. You can pick your own domain name, have a webhosting option, and it also includes 10 email accounts etc… etc…. Global Domains International also offers a 7 day free trial for their services which are pretty affordable at $10 bucks a month.

G.D.I Sounds Good So Far – But Do Not Get Too Excited Just Yet, I Am Just Getting Warmed Up!

Domain registrations are being promoted by (GDI) Global domains international affiliates where you earn money online by sharing your personal G.D.I Website with a video on it to others friends, family, people on the Internet, whoever. You get paid a $1.00 for a basic referral and $15 for a premium referral. I do not know about you, but a $1.00 for a $10 dollar per month membership at global domains international does not exactly get my blood boiling. As far as the premium membership goes I do not think there will be many takers on this offer.If you do get signups they have to continue to pay the $10 dollars a month to get your can of coke. Which is really what a $1.00 a month really equates too. A can of coke. You are gonna need a lot of cans of cokes to make a decent income as an affiliate of Global Domains International. So keep that in mind when you are deciding if this is a good business opportunity for you.

So Is Global Domains International A Scam?

No G.D.I is not a scam you can actually make money online using their system. But is it a good online business opportunity for you? Probably not. If your a beginner to earning any kind of money online I would not waste my time on G.D.I. Why do I say this? I say this for several reasons.

1. Do you have any kind of experience in the internet marketing field? If you answered no – making money with Global Domains International is gonna be a rough ride. The internet is very competitive and it is getting more competitive each and every day. Global domains is a genuine work at home business opportunity in a very competitive market, (make money online niche) try competing in this niche if your a beginner, and actually being successful at it too boot by making a lot of money. I have been in the internet marketing, affiliate marketing, and the make money online niche for about 3 years now. Trust me when I say this.  It is tough even for an experienced internet marketer like myself who has been in the game for 6 years now. If your a beginner how do you think you will fair? Probably not too good. can you make a few bucks? Sure you can,  if you like working for next to nothing.

2. Do you have a big email list to recommend your Global Domains International website too? If you answered yes than maybe you can make a few bucks by promoting Global Domains business opportunities. I have a good sized email list but would I waste my time promoting a product that only pays me a $1.00 per referral?  Hell no! I would lose subscribers, and come back only making a few bucks, it is just not worth my time. If you do not have a large email list to promote your affiliate business opportunities too – it will be even harder for you,  so keep that in mind when contemplating if G.D.I is right for you.

3. Do you have a high traffic website, or blog? Traffic equals money online. The more traffic you have the more money you will earn.  It is as simple as that. If you have a high traffic website, or blog than maybe you can integrate Global Domains International into your internet marketing campaigns.  You will have to decide if G.D.I is right for your particular needs. If you do not have a decent sized email list, or a high traffic website, or blog. It will be hard to generate a nice residual income by promoting G.D.I. products. Especially if your a beginner like I stated above and new to making any kind of money online.

These Are My 3 Reasons Why Global Domains International Would Not Be My Top Choice As A Good Online Business Opportunity.

What Would I Recommend As A Good Viable Online Business Opportunity?

I would recommend you learn how to be an affiliate marketer by promoting other peoples products like G.D.I but with a lot higher commission structure. Rapbank, and Clickbank are my two top choices to find thousands of products to promote with your internet marketing campaigns. You can earn up to a 75% commission with Clickbank products ranging from $20 to Hundreds of dollars depending on what products you choose to promote.With Rapbank you can earn the same but you get paid instantly through Paypal which is what I really love about the Rapbank affiliate program.

These 2 affiliate programs are free to sign up but if your a beginner to all this making money online stuff your gonna want to learn how to be a successful internet marketer so you can promote these products effectively and make the most money as possible from your efforts. This is where my top 2 recommendations come in below. I would personally put my name on both of these products because they both have very good information, and they work,  plain and simple!

My Top 2 Alternatives To G.D.I.  Click Banner Below To Check These 2 Recommended Home Based Business Opportunities Below. I Would Put My Name All Over Both Of These Products Any Day.

Global Domains International Review - Is GDI A Scam? Alternatives To G.D.I.

Global Domains International Review - Is GDI A Scam? Alternatives To G.D.I.

I Hope You Enjoyed My Review Of Global Domains International. To Your Online Money Making Success, Jay!

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