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Making Money Online The 25 Things You Should Never Do If You Ever Want To Make Any Real Money Online.

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“Stop Clowning Around!” Here Is The List Of Things You Should Never Do If You Ever Want To Make Any Real Money Online. 


You are lazy as hell and do not want to work to work to make any real money online.

 You think there is a magical money tree online that rains money:( Heck if this is the case let me know where a few are at I want to plant some myself:)

 You do not take the time to learn how to make money online by visiting forums, hiring a Coach, and everything else that goes with running a successful affiliate marketing business.

 You blame everyone else for your failures with excuses like it is too hard to make money online.

 You started a blog but never update it so it receives the traffic a highway in the north pole would get.

 You never add any value to anything that you do, so your blog posts, and Youtube videos are never shared by anyone for free traffic. Frankly because they suck!

 You think that making money online is some kind of scam or get rich quick scheme because you have never made any money online so this must be the case.

 You do not take the time to start an email list even though that is where the majority of the money that you will make online will come from. “Duh!”

 You do not learn from expert list builders on email marketing that can teach you how to make a ton of money from your email list.

 You think the Internet was just invented for Porn and Facebooking your friends so you do not apply yourself by taking the time to build your business so you never make any real money online.

 You never took the time to learn that affiliate marketing and making money online is a legitimate multi – billion dollar a year lucrative industry, But the bad news is it does take time @ work just like anything else worthwhile in life.

You have no clue on how to drive traffic to your squeeze pages, affiliate offers, and your blogs so you never make any money online.

 You do not take the the time to learn the proper ways of generating traffic you think it is too time consuming.

 You think that working the fries at Mcdonalds is a lucrative career move so making money online should be a piece of cake for such an ambitious person like yourself.

 You think that driving traffic to your affiliate offers by buying 10,000 hits from ad.fly will make you rich:(

 You are scared to pay for any traffic that can scale your business.

 You think that seo and ranking on the first page of Google is the most stable business model online. You have the mindset, I will always be on page #1 for these lucrative keyword terms. Google would never intentionally destroy my business with one algorithm update:( Yikes!

 You think that social networks like Facebook are just for chatting with your peeps, and a good way to hookup with single guys or girls in your area.

 You give up if you do not see any success after a short while thinking that making money online is not for me.

 You bounce around from one money making opportunity to another never sticking with one method that is proven to make money online.

 You do not concentrate the majority of your efforts on building your email list so you can build a long term profitable business online.

 You think high ticket affiliate offers, and recurring affiliate offers are too hard to sell, so you promote $5 ebooks and are wondering why you can never make a substantial amount of money online, if any at all.

 You do not believe that your blogs primary focus should be to collect email leads and everything else should be secondary.

 You do not monetize your blog with affiliate offers, adsense ads, and cost per action offers, and then test which ones make you the most money online so you can separate the winners from the losers.

 You think that making money online from paid Facebook ads is a complete waste of time and could never scale your business to where you want it to be.

Hate Reading? Here Is The More In Depth Video Version Of This Blog Post Where I Cover A Few More Money Making Tips.

How To Make Money Online 25 Things to Do And…

” Obviously Don’t Do These Things And Now I Want To Hear From You And See What Is Preventing You From Making Money Online! “

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