Online Affiliate Marketing Training Lesson #1 Traffic For Dummies

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Online Affiliate Marketing Training Lesson #1 Traffic For Dummies affiliate marketing lesson Internet@Online Affiliate Marketing Training Lesson #1

How To Get More Traffic To Your Blog For Dummies@Newbies

If you just started a blog, or you are an intermediate, or experienced blogger, and you want to make a lot of money with your blog. Traffic is your main ingredient for success if you want to succeed online. Without traffic your online business will wither up, and die. Like fall leaves after a winter frost.

Online Affiliate Marketing Training Lesson #2 Go The Self Hosted WordPress Route If You Plan On Building A Long Term Business With Your Blog.

Trust me, you will thank me later for this tip. Never build your business on quicksand. Remember: By using a free blogging platform like Blogger you do not own your blog, or content. Google does! That is why it is called a free blogging platform. You have to follow their rules or risk your blog, and all your hard work being deleted at the push of a button if you violate their ever changing terms of service.Trust me I know first hand. I had my blog deleted about 6 months ago. It was a blessing in disguise for me, but trust me you do not want to make the same mistake I did affiliates. It makes for a very bad  day when you wake up and see all your hard work flushed down the toilet!

If you go the self hosted WordPress route. (Which Means Buying Your Own Domain@Hosting) You will not be disappointed. You own your own content, blog, yadda yadda yadda! You can do whatever you want with your blog without the fear of it being deleted for whatever reason!  If you intend on basing an online business around your blog do not be cheap. It’s not very expensive to do it the right way. Remember: You get what you pay for. A free blogging platform is good for 1 page mini blogs that you do not invest a lot of time, or money in. nothing else! They do have their uses. Just not for your main money sites that you expect to spend a lot of time on.

Professional affiliates@Internet marketers who are also avid bloggers all have there own domains and hosting. Why? Affiliate marketing is a business, and if you are in it to win it- and make tons of online money one day. Do not cut corners – Do it right!

Techniques For Backlinks And Traffic  To Your Blog

1. Blog Commenting – Comment on blogs related to your niche. This is one of my favorite traffic techniques. Remember: No spamming! The more intelligent the comment you make the more traffic you will receive to your blog. It does not pay to make short irrelevant comments. If people find you interesting they will visit your site.

2. Article Marketing

3. Online Forums

4. Press Releases

5. Rss Feeds

6. Guest Posting On Blogs Related To Yours

7. Video Marketing – Submit videos to youtube for tons of free targeted traffic.

8. SEO – Optimize Your Blog For The Search Engines For Free, Long Term, Targeted Traffic.

9. Build An Email List For Extra Traffic

10. Adswaps

11. PPC – Pay per click – Google Adwords, Yahoo, Or Bing. If you have the extra money pay per click can be an instant traffic source until you build up your online business.

12. Advertise On Blogs Related To Yours – This can be a paid blog post, banner ad, or a text link. The choice is yours it is your money your working with.

13. Social Bookmarking – After everyblog post that you publish make sure you Tweet your post, Digg it, submit it to, Yahoo bookmarks, and Google bookmarks for starters. Social bookmarking is a great tool for affiliates to use for more backlinks, traffic, and more money.

14. Social Marketing – Facebook has 500 Million followers. Why not start a Facebook fan page? Do not forget about Twitter, Myspace, Myyearbook, and Tagged. I use all of these social networking platforms also.

A Few Popular Websites To Bring Your Blog More Traffic@ Money

Best Web 2.0 Sites For Affiliates @ Internet Marketers.

1. Hubpages – I have Hubs I published over a year ago that still generate me sales monthly. They allow affiliate links, adsense, kontera, and Amazon ads. One of my favorite traffic generation methods online.


My Favorite Article Directories




My Favorite 20 Online Forums For Traffic, And Backlinks

1. Warriorforum – If you want to learn about Internet marketing, online affiliate marketing, and how to earn more money online. The Warriorforum is a beast! It is the best place online to earn money, generate traffic, and learn all about affiliate@Internet marketing. The Warriorforum is actually one of the most visited websites in the World. You can learn some great training lessons just by browsing the millions of forum posts.

2. Cnet Hosting Forum –

3. Webhosting talk –

4. Ozzu hosting forum –

5. Web masters forum –

6. Free Web Space –

7. Top Hosts Forum –

8. Free Hosting Forum –

9. Web Hosting Discussion – www.

10. Web Hosting Reviews –

11. Web Hosting Forum –

12. Website Babble –

13. 5 star affiliate marketing forums –

14. Digital Point Forum –

15. Ewealth –

16. Affiliate Programs Forum –

17. Affiliate Spot Performance Marketing Forum –

18. Dream Team Money –

19. Affiliate Marketing – SEO Forum –

20. -This online forum is like Warriorforums little brother they have great traffic levels and an active community. Be sure to add them to your arsenal affiliates!

Top 25 Video Sharing Sites:


Video Sharing SitePage Rank
Google Video9

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I hope you enjoyed this online affiliate marketing training lesson blog traffic for dummies. To your online success, Jay!

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