Low Ticket Verse Big Ticket Affiliate Products What Sells Better And Why?

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Low Ticket Verse Big Ticket Affiliate Products What Sells Better And Why? affiliate productsClickbank, Rapbank, Verse Payspree? What Affiliate Products Are Better Sellers And Why? My Findings!

I have been doing a lot of trial @ error the past few weeks to see which affiliate programs I can make more money promoting. Here is my assessment of what I have personally found out and what is working for my affiliate campaigns. You may want to take a few notes if your looking for some good affiliate programs to sign up with.

What Affiliate Products To Look For In The Clickbank Marketplace?

Clickbank is my bread @ butter so to speak they have 10,000 plus digital products for a potential affiliate to promote in all niches so finding a few quality products to earn money with should not be too hard to find. Its actually mind boggling how many affiliate products they do have. If your a newbie it can be overwhelming at first because there is so many to choose from.

My recommendation would be too browse by the category your interested in, and when you find a few you like do a test run to see how they perform online. I would advise you to look for these 3 criteria in a potential affiliate program.

1. Is  the landing page or (also known as the sales page) pleasing to the eye, and look professional?

2. Would you consider buying this product yourself? Chances are if you would not buy this particular product neither will your potential customers.

3. Cost – Is the cost affordable? Many high ticket items have a high refund rate due to poor quality. Not all but many. If its a higher ticket item $50 bucks or over make sure the product performs as stated. Especially if it is a recurring commission affiliate product. Make sure the product offers long term value to your customer so you can make a commission off of your sales month after month. If it does not your refunds will shoot through the roof and trust me that is no fun!

My best selling recurring billing product is click here to find out. Its actually a link building membership service that is top notch. How do I know? I actually bought it to review it a while back and it works great. Also the affiliate sales I have generated through this backlinking service stick around for at least 3 months or more. This confirms that this backlink building service works. Go ahead and sign up as an affiliate. Or order it for your own personal use if you have a new Website, or Blog you need to build backlinks too.

Aweber is another good service to promote because the money is in the email list, so people who are serious about earning money online will happily pay month after month after month.  Why? because their email list makes them money month after month its an asset not a set back. Kind of a no-brainer!

Clickbank My Verdict: Excellent service for affiliates if you know what to look for. I would personally advise a beginner to look for a quality service like the one I pointed out above. Or find a few low ticket affiliate programs to promote.

$20 bucks and under is low ticket in my book. If they are quality, and lower priced affiliate marketing products your returns should be pretty much non existent. This way your sales should stick and you should earn more money by promoting these lower ticket items. ( Remember we are still in a turbulent economy many people simply cannot afford $50 – $100 digital products) But they can afford $20 and under products. Make sense to you? Good lets move on to Rapbank.

Rapbank Instant Commission Affiliate Network

I have been doing very well promoting some of Rapbanks top selling, low ticket  affiliate programs related to my niche. They are selling a lot better than my higher ticket items for the most part. It probably has a lot to do with the sluggish economy, and the much lower selling price. Of course you have to make more sales to even things out a bit, but it seems to be working for me. And my Paypal refunds are non existent due to the quality affiliate products that I am promoting.

The great thing about Rapbank is you can get instant commissions paid directly to your Paypal account. Who doesn’t love instant payments? I love this aspect of Rapbank, and I bet the main majority of us affiliates would prefer instant payments over bi-weekly payments too. Sign up for a Paypal business account which is free and start promoting a few Rapbank products for your instant commissions.

Payspree Affiliate Network Rapbanks Little Brother?

Payspree is another quality instant commission affiliate network where you can earn instant commissions for each sale that you generate. The one down side I have found with payspree in regards to earning money online is I have not noticed any promotional materials available for their affiliate marketers. Which includes banners,  email swipes, or even content. This is a big drawback in my book and it is the main reason I would choose Rapbank over payspree. You are not gonna earn more money online if you do not have all the proper resources in place. But Payspree does have a lot of 100% instant commission affiliate programs for you to promote which is cool.

Final Verdict Payspree: Not my favorite affiliate network, but it is a good one to add to your arsenal. You can sign up for free to Payspree by clicking Here!

Overall Verdict Low Ticket Verse Big Ticket Affiliate Products What Sells Better And Why?

A quick recap for all you online affiliate marketers reading this blog post. Lower ticket items sell better, and have less refunds in my findings. If you are gonna promote higher ticket items make sure they have a low refund rate, and offer a quality service where your customers will gladly pay their recurring bill month after month. Make it a service that will offer them value that they cannot live without, and your online income shoot go up month after month.

Your Comments Are Appreciated. What Works Better For You High Or Low Ticket Items And Why? I Look Forward To Our Online Discussion Below.

To Your Success Affiliates, And Increasing Your Online Earnings. Jay!

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