My Top Eight Tips To Make Money Online

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These Are My Top Tips Based On Ten Years Experience As An Affiliate For Making Money Online Complete With Video Training To Show You How.

I have been thinking back in time, when I first started my journey to make my first affiliate commission online.

When I was just a wee child lol I was almost 30 so it is all relevant:)

Think about it to a 50 year old a 30 year old is a wee child. To a 20 year old you are old:)

So if you are feeling older here is a quick tip go to a senior citizens home like Charlie Sheen did in two and a half men and you will suddenly feel like a baby again lol.

Anyhow enough bad jokes back to business here.

What have I learned in the past ten years? What should you be doing now to make money online for the long haul?

I decided to make a list of my top ten ways to make money online based on my personal experience.

( Complete With Relevant Video Training. )


Get The Basics Down Before You Do Anything Else

Learn the basics of affiliate marketing if you have not already done so like how to create a simple affiliate link, how to start a blog or website, what affiliate networks that you should sign up with  and find lucrative affiliate products to promote, etc…

Here is a very good video explaining some of the basics of affiliate marketing to help you out on your money making journey:)

Find Some Quality Affiliate Networks

There are literally hundreds of lesser known affiliate networks out there but there are a few that stand out above the rest in terms of popularity and the number of affiliates that are signed up through them.

Here are a few video’s below showing you how to make money with Clickbank And How to make money with the JVZoo affiliate network.

Fun Fact: Clickbank has been around since 1997 and has paid out billions of dollars to affiliates Worldwide since then.

Fun Fact: Clickbank is a digital affiliate network selling software or services – non physical products, think information products.

JVZoo Fun Fact: The JVZoo affiliate program has paid out millions in affiliate commissions, and like Clickbank they specialize in information products like software, ebooks, services, etc…. The commissions are usually a lot higher for information products than they are for non information affiliate products like Amazon for example. The main difference between JVZoo and Clickbank is JVZoo pays out instant commissions direct to your Paypal account where as Clickbank pays out bi-weekly or weekly depending on how you have it setup and how many sales that you have made as an affiliate.

This Affiliate Marketing Stuff  Takes Work Don’t Let Anyone Ever Tell You Differently

If you plan on making money as an affiliate marketer here is a big tip for you it takes work to make a consistent income online as an affiliate marketer.

You will be building your email list, updating your blog posts, driving traffic to your affiliate offers, being active in social networks, and staying up to date on the newest techniques of making money online.

Sure you can simplify things a lot but regardless you will still be learning, and working quit a bit building the foundations of your Internet business.

So my point is if you are lazy, and give up easily, this business model is not for you.

just stay at you 9 to 5 job, or if you do not have one get a 9 to 5 job.

Pick The Right Niche Where There Is Money To Be Made

If a niche is competitive, then that is a good sign that there is money to be made in that particular niche. Think the relationship niche, dating niche, the make money online niche, the forex niche, the internet marketing niche, the list goes on and on…. Do your research but competition is a good thing.

If there is demand there is money to be made! So start a site based around a lucrative niche that actually interests you, because you are more inclined to stick with it, and make more money because you are actually taking the time to build your business each day because you really enjoy what you are doing. click here for free niche training videos, software, and the top 50 most lucrative niches to enter into report.

Here Is A Huge Money Making Tip You Need Traffic To Make Money Online

Need more traffic? Pick up my free report as seen in the video above of my top 80 traffic sources free of charge by clicking here.

Fact: Learn all you can about web traffic free and paid this will be the whole lifeblood of your online business and will directly dictate how much money that your business generates on the Internet.

Make Sure You Build An Email List

90% of the money that I make online directly comes from my email list.

Building an email list should always be your #1 goal online before anything else.

90% is a huge number so think of it this way if you are not building an email list you are making 90% less than what you should be.

This training video below will show you how to build an email list while making money online at the same time.

Promote High Ticket Affiliate Programs Whenever Possible

Click Here To Signup As An Affiliate For This High Ticket Affiliate Offer

I learned this after years of trial @ error promoting little $20 ebooks etc… While I should have been promoting high ticket affiliate offers or at least added a few high ticket offers to my email marketing funnel.

Is it harder promoting high ticket affiliate offers? Nope they convert about the same actually if you are throwing targeted traffic at your affiliate offers.

So how many $20 dollar affiliate sales do you think that you have to sell to make a full time living online, or even a decent part time income? Quite a few why make your job harder when they convert pretty much the same and in a lot of instances the high ticket affiliate offers are even less competitive.

You only have to sell a few high ticket offers a month that pay out $800 or a $1,000 a month to make some decent money online.

On the contrary you will have to sell truckloads of the lower ticket $20 items to bring home any kind of real bacon:)

Daddy needs a new pair of shoes, mama needs some new clothes:)

Catch my drift? High ticket is where the real money is made online.

Worker smarter, not harder!

Try adding high ticket affiliate offers to the mix asap they may really surprise you.

Here is a cool site that specializes in high ticket affiliate offers that you can promote in different niches that you can check out on the link below.

If You Build It They May Not Come!

Making money online is not like the movie Field of Dreams where Kevin Costner builds a baseball field in his backyard in an Iowa cornfield and his old baseball heroes who are long dead by the way show up to play ball:) Shoeless Joe Jackson anyone? lol great movie BTW I loved it! But this is not how it works when you are running an online business.

If you build a website and then do not do anything else people will not magically find you from the Google fairy.

You have to learn how to drive traffic to your website, affiliate offers, etc….

Or your new business will be like a stranded astronaut on Mars very lonely, and not making any money:)

Catch my drift?

You also should learn search engine optimization building backlinks to your blog etc… So you can get more free traffic from the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

So my point is never stop learning, do not be lazy, and get to work!

And last but not least if you are just an affiliate marketing beginner investing in a done for you affiliate marketing system can literally save you years off of your learning curve.

Feel free to leave your comments in the comment section below.

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