Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog

Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog

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What are the content creation tools & services to Grow Your Blog into a money making and traffic generation machine? Let’s dive into the best content creation tools and services that are out there for bloggers.

Blogging is a serious and super competitive affair. With millions of blogs out there, it can be a challenge to get your site noticed. Passion for blogging aside, you need the support of technology which can give you a competitive edge in the market.

Content creation tools and services can help you manage your blog in a disciplined and efficient manner so you are able to achieve your blogging goals with ease. Here, we list the 10 best content creation tools and services that will give your blog the edge it needs to shine.

Here Is The List Of The 10 Best Content Creation Tools And Services To Grow Your Blog

Visme content creation tools and services to grow your blog.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 1

Visme is literally the best all in one content and graphics creator tool that is on the market today to grow your blog.

By using the powers of visual marketing mixed with blogging, with no need on your end to hire an expensive graphic designer to create all your visual presentations for your blog and your business.

Visme will save you a lot of money when it comes to creating content that gets shared, recognized, improves your Seo, and grows your blog and your business to new heights all by using the powers of visual internet marketing.

This content creation tool was very easy to use even for me I created a couple of cool animated graphics for my blog in literally under a half hour.

A couple of examples of Visme in action can be seen on the top right hand side bar of this blog post, as well as a huge visual graphic at the bottom of this blog that was also created using Visme.

And trust me when I say I am no graphic designer, or a super tech savvy person.

Visme is a great visual content creation tool and service where you can create pretty much anything of a visual nature for your blog or your business, in literally minutes.

This graphics tool is super easy to use, and even you beginners out there shouldn’t run into to many technical difficulties creating all your graphics and presentations with visme behind the wheel.

Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 2020
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 2

Research shows that the average time bloggers/marketers need to create and publish great blogs is 65% longer than what it was in 2014. This is time which you may better spend on content strategy, structure and planning, than writing long and detailed posts, which professional writers may be able to turn around for you.

Instead of rushing through your content creation process and making a mess of your campaign, why not trust experts who can deliver the best content, in the shortest period of time? is a state-of-the-art content creation and ordering platform, where you can hire freelance writers to write great blog content for you. The platform is powered by smart algorithms that match projects with writers who have the most relevant professional history.

The platform offers numerous customer-friendly features including unlimited revisions, plagiarism check, free image search tool and a budget-friendly short trial article at $1. Turnaround time for the projects is between 24 & 48 hours.

create infographics that draw attention and get shared.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 3

Infographics have the ability to boost your website visit and blog readership by 12%. They leverage people’s love for compelling visuals and make your blog more attractive and accessible.

While it’s okay to use cookie cutter infographics occasionally, it can really cost you your position as a thought leader. Making your own infographics is a better option. This is where Venngage comes in.

Venngage is a robust infographic tool that allows you to create colorful and stylish infographics in minutes. There are hundreds of templates which can be customized to match your site’s theme and your topic. The numerous data visualization tools give you freedom to experiment with your content.

The basic plan is free, while the mid-level premium plan costs just $19/-month, excluding the seasonal discounts that Venngage offers.

social pilot social media management tool
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 4

97% of digitally-savvy customers are on social media today. In fact, countries across the world are coming online, further increasing your customer base. The only way to reach them is to ensure your blog becomes visible to each target audience at the right time and with the right frequency.

A social media management tool like SocialPilot is tremendously helpful in a situation like this. Just like an airline pilot directs the aircraft to a safe and successful landing, SocialPilot directs your campaign the right way, helping you generate the visibility, engagement and profits you seek.

The tool comes replete with features right from content curation to scheduling to performance tracking. SocialPilot supports 50+ platforms, enabling you to connect with your audience across channels. The tool has a robust comment management feature where you can easily sift through and respond to communication across platforms.

SocialPilot is collaboration-friendly and you can work with your team to plan, implement and track social media campaigns. The tool is very budget-friendly and is ideal for both start-ups and enterprises.

canva premium quality graphics on a budget.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 5

“A picture is worth a thousand words”, isn’t just a saying in the world of content marketing. According to research by Social Media Examiner, 32% of marketers confirmed that visual content in the form of pictures and graphics were highly impactful in their content marketing campaigns. This should tell you why it’s supremely important that you invest in a graphics creation tool.

Canva is a great choice here. It is a graphic design software which bloggers and content marketers can use to create premium quality graphic designs, images and logos.

Once you create an account, you can look through thousands of customizable templates. Each template has a variety of colour schemes, layouts, text and animation options.  With Canva you can create everything from website logos to business cards to printable adverts.

Canva supports social sharing and you can instantaneously save and share your completed graphic to any social media platform of your choice. While around 8000 templates are completely free-of-charge, you only need to pay $9.95/-month to get access to all the features.

Once you start using Canva, consider trying these expert graphic design tips.

keyword research tools content generation.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 6

One of the hardest tasks for any blogger is to find a topic to actually blog about. With so many blogs and websites churning out content on the same set of topics, it’s very easy to become an imitator with unoriginal content.

The only way to avoid such a predicament is to post content on topics that your audience have little-to-no clue about. You can use the Twin Word keyword generator tool for assistance. While the tool doesn’t outright generate titles, you can still get a sense of the type of content consumers search for online, based on the keywords that crop up.

The Twin Word keyword generator tool is a fun tool that hits two birds with one stone – you can find content ideas and the most relevant keywords at the same time.

soovie keyword research tool.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 7

Did you know that focused and targeted long-tail keywords have a 3%-5% higher CTR than generic searches?

Keywords are one of the most important aspects of content marketing. Your blog will be found by the right people, only when you use the words that they do. Often, many bloggers find it challenging to identify the right keywords and keyphrases. Their wrong keyword decisions can sometimes have a very negative impact on the success of their website.

Soovle was created to help bloggers and marketers overcome this problem. It is an easy-to-use online keyword generator that can help you find relevant long-tail and short-tail keywords in seconds. The tool updates itself based on the most common and most recent searches made by search engine users. You can trust that you’ll get keywords that are the most relevant to your search.

Soovle is free to use. The tool supports over 16 search engines and provides engine-specific keyword results, helping you to create your content with care.

squadcast podcast recording tools.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 8

The latest content format to capture the imagination of the masses, is the podcast. According to Neilsen, over 50% of all homes in the US listen to podcasts every day. Now that’s just in the US. The case is similar across the world.

If you really want to make a mark with your content marketing campaign, you should include podcasts in your content calendar.

SquadCast is a feature-rich podcast creator tool, which enables you to put together studio-quality podcasts within minutes. It is used by some of the big guns in the corporate world, such as Microsoft, Spotify and The Times.

The tool allows you to import recordings across devices. There are numerous features which you can use to merge, cut-out and edit recordings very quickly. SquadCast also has a great recorder, which enables you to record podcasts on-the-spot. The tool helps you identify and get rid of any audio distortions, till you’re left with crystal clear recordings.

The base price starts at $9/-month and there’s a 7-day free trial.

shortcodes visual components wordpress.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 9

Most blogs and websites today are on WordPress. If yours is too, you should definitely get the Shortcodes Ultimate plug-in.

Shortcodes Ultimate is essentially a collection of functional and visual website elements, which you can use to build your site/blog. The elements include everything from buttons to carousels to content sliders to animation.

As we know, blogging success doesn’t solely depend on the content, but on the website too.

The Shortcodes Ultimate free plug-in helps you build an aesthetic and navigable website that your visitors will find a joy to peruse. The longer they stay on your site, the more likely it is that your visitors will read and share your blog posts. The plug-in also has numerous add-on bundles that you can purchase, which improve the functionality of your site.

PB Seo friendly images.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 10

Bloggers need to remember that their content should also target audiences who cannot or are unable to consume the conventional textual content.

In fact, content becomes more shareable only when it is accessible. This is where the WordPress plugin PB SEO Friendly Images helps. It is a free plug-in which helps you quickly and effortlessly add Alt text and attributes to the images in your post.

Most website owners find it incredibly difficult to create and align alt text correctly. This plug-in reduces your effort and makes alt text creation easier.

You can override any of the alt text currently in use and set-up the scheme as you see fit. This allows you to customize your image attributes as you need. The PB SEO Friendly Images plug-in is compatible with WooCommerce as well and is great for e-stores.

leadpages turn clicks into customers and sales.
Content Creation Tools & Services to Grow Your Blog 11

One of the easiest and most effective ways to grow your blog and your business, is to capture leads. You can use your blog as a way to discern visitor interest in your brand and also get the contact information of that visitor.

One tool that helps you successfully implement a lead generation campaign is Leadpages.

Leadpages is a tool that helps you build the most compelling landing pages for your blog. The tool is rich with features that can be dragged and dropped into the template. From subscribe pop-ups to freebie alerts, you can create a wide range of elements for your blog.

The best thing about the tool is that you can optimize each element you create, to track usage metrics. Now you have website visitor data which you can use to modify your content campaigns and transform an unconvinced visitor into a paying customer.

Wrapping up

Content creation and content marketing needn’t be incredibly hard. Give the tools I’ve mentioned above a spin and watch as you generate valuable leads and conversions in weeks.

Author bio: Nisha Prakash is a blogger specializing in social media marketing and content management. She is an avid runner, a trekking enthusiast and a lifelong bibliophile.

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